Busting Myths about Aluminium Doors and Windows

Aluminium Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are the utmost important part of any estate. They keep the space safe and secure and also adds value into an estate. Doors and windows, unintentionally, also adds elegance and grandeur and create a luxurious entrance into any household or commercial space. Some people choose wood for their doors and windows while some still look after aluminium as they appropriate choice of material to be installed.

Aluminium is a highly durable and versatile material and has been used in the construction industry for years. It holds many myths after its name due to which people tend to ignore this material as their perfect choice for doors and windows. There are both merits and demerits that aluminium holds. Surfaces Reporter has a list of myths and facts that will tell you everything you need to know about aluminium. Read this space and know for yourself why aluminium is a better and secure material for doors and windows.

1. Aluminium is not a stylish material

Aluminium initially began to be used only as a construction material. The material costs a lot less than wood or any other material used for doors and windows due to which people think it is less credible and lacks style. While this myth is untrue, aluminium now-a-days is available in many shapes, sizes and patterns especially designed for doors and windows. The practice of powder coating enables the manufacturers to paint the aluminium panels in any color and bring out finishes like gloss or matt. Not only they add value to your estate but also adds a panache that matches with your home décor and gives it a desired modern look.

2. Aluminium doors and windows are not suitable for vintage buildings 

While this statement is a myth, it is right to say that aluminium works best for both modern estates and old, vintage buildings. Aluminium frames for doors and windows adds a regal finish into vintage buildings and they also work best with all kinds of hardwoods or stone sub-frames and mullions. If you are willing to add a modern touch to your vintage house, aluminium door or window is the right way to upgrade your space.

3. Aluminium’s maintenance is tough

Aluminium does not require maintenance like any other metal meaning this statement mentioned here is a myth. Aluminium is not reactive like any other metal product and it stands against any kind of weather conditions. This material is highly resistant to water, termites and viruses and they only require to be painted after a several years. If this material is exposed to heat or direct weather conditions, it does not rot or peel like metal or any other metal product, making it a more suitable product for home décor that does not require maintenance every now and then.

4. Aluminium harms the environment

Most metal products rot and become toxic for the environment. They also kill natural like and harm the environment. Unlike aluminium. Aluminium is the easiest metal to recycle and it is recycled on a daily basis across the world. Aluminium does not harm the environment in any way and it is the most ecological metal that there is till today.

5. Aluminium panels are not strong

Aluminium is the only metal in the world that stands strong against any other kind of metal product meaning it is the most recommended application material for places that require safety and security. It withstands heavy loads and can stay durable for a longer period of time. For homes and office spaces, modern day glass and aluminium panels are placed together for multi-point locking systems. The properties of aluminium proves the statement to be a myth.

6. Aluminium is not customizable

Earlier, aluminium was only available in silver color and a single panel design but with modern day trends, its customization has improved. Now, aluminium is available in various colors and designs that fits perfect with your doors and window requirements. Being a metal by-product, aluminium does not lack scope for customization.

7. Aluminium is not durable

This statement is highly untrue. Even if the aluminium panel is slim, it will still withstand any kind of heavy load onto it without being diminished. This material can stand high temperatures and cold weathers without being contracted or expanded. The panels are tightly attached to the door and window frames and provides for safety as well. You can simple use a plain glass in your aluminium doors or windows and enjoy the simplicity of nature through your window that too with optimum security of home

Aluminium surely is a wonderful choice of material that you can install at your space. Try these ideas out and let us know in the comment section how these different aluminium doors and windows ideas worked for you. Reach out to us at www.surfacesreporter.com or you can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.


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