An Eclectic Bungalow With A Touch of NeoClassicism | Neeyon Interiors | Nivid House | Pune

An Eclectic Bungalow With A Touch of NeoClassicism | Neeyon Interiors | Nivid House | Pune

Jyotiee Deshmukkh, the principal designer at Neeyon Designers has recently modeled a small dwelling in Pune for a business family, featuring an elegant and classic space with arresting interiors. Peppered with neo-classical materials with modern and contemporary aesthetics, the house reflects the personality of its occupants. The designer uses subtle neutral finishes and simple and muted ceilings, while the soft and ambient lighting, gold accents and pendant lights in certain areas like living, dining, and bedroom add some drama to the spaces. Further, the  designer has shared with SURFACES REPORTER (SR) how she has meticulously realised the client's brief of an opulent and elegant home through the interior decor. Read on:

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This bungalow in Bavdhan, Pune is designed for a businessman who is a builder and has a nuclear family - the husband, his wife, one 11-year-old son, and his parents who are not regularly staying with them. He was very clear with his ideas.

He wants his bungalow to be very simple, straight-line with modern and contemporary aesthetics with a touch of neo-classic materials. Further, it follows a neutral theme with simple and muted ceilings. The designer has adorned the house with soft and ambient lighting to give it a classic appeal.

Neo-Classical Style

A recently done bungalow in Bavdhan, Pune takes ahead this design ideology.

Jyotiee_Deshmukkh_s_Bungalow_design-nivid-house-surfaces-reporterThe design of this bungalow called ‘Nivid’ can be identified as having the ‘Neo-classic’ style with materials and mix of modern and contemporary design and colour scheme and the flair of her design’s uniqueness.

A Lush Plant-Filled Entrance

Starting with the entrance lots of greenery with potted plants and indirect lighting on entrance steps give a welcoming feeling.

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Awe-Inspiring Staircase

To start with, the central portion of the bungalow is made intriguing by the semi-solid see-through design staircase with a glass-covered open to sky roof.

Jyotiee_Deshmukkh_s_Bungalow_design-nivid-house-surfaces-reporterThis one element itself makes the light play in the house throughout the day creating various effects as the day progresses. The staircase is completely done in marble with a non-slippery finish.

A Luxurious Living Room

The ground floor has various individually carved out spaces which all finally blend together. Thus, the living area, the staircase sitting, the double-height dining, the personal sitting with the accessible but rightly camouflaged kitchen all come together to give the effect of grandeur.

Jyotiee_Deshmukkh_s_Bungalow_design-nivid-house-surfaces-reporterAll these spaces are made to merge with one dark coloured marble print floor and the rose gold polished accessories. The loud hanging light fittings are specifically used to create the much-needed impact and leave the mark, a good one that.

Glamorous Dining Area

The Italian marble top dining table paired with beige coloured chairs complement the pendant lights above.

An opening to the garden in front of the dining gives a lavish look to the dining area with its greenery and lawn. Speaking specifically about the kitchen, it is the utmost utility-driven design made to suit the occupiers and their styles.

Jyotiee_Deshmukkh_s_Bungalow_design-nivid-house-surfaces-reporterThe light colour combinations used along with the white marble print platform makes it look elegant and more with very elegant materials and sleek finishes- shutters in Acro glass with matching dado tiles.

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Magnificent Bedrooms

Coming up on the first floor are the master bedroom and the children's bedroom.

The children's bedroom has a layout and design to exactly suit the growing age of the child. Keeping the uniqueness of the children’s bedroom by using the prints in the wallpapers, the play board light fittings, the games desk, and a glass-walled bathroom, the overall modern and contemporary touch can still be felt, thus blending the design ideology. Jyotiee_Deshmukkh_s_Bungalow_design-nivid-house-surfaces-reporterThe master bedroom boasts of a huge mirror-studded walk-in wardrobe area and an equally big bathroom. All wardrobes are done in rose gold metallic laminates and veneer combinations.

Jyotiee_Deshmukkh_s_Bungalow_design-nivid-house-surfaces-reporterThe bed area features a large top-to-bottom-opened balcony and so the colour and the materials used inside merge the outside with the inside. Bed back cushioning in light pitch colour highlights the light golden beige wallpaper with side panelling and light fitting with indirect lights gives a very rich look overall.

Jyotiee_Deshmukkh_s_Bungalow_design-nivid-house-surfaces-reporterThe floor above has the parents’ bedroom, the multipurpose hall with a home theatre, and the home office.

Jyotiee_Deshmukkh_s_Bungalow_design-nivid-house-surfaces-reporterThe parent’s bedroom is designed to have more free space for the occupants to move around within the room with the right kind of furniture design for support. With rough wooden colour and rough-textured veneer. This bedroom is very neat, clean and simple in design with a very comfortable and subtle look.

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Spacious Multipurpose Hall

The multi-purpose hall has large lay-over couch cum beds, relaxing chairs and a variety of sittings to suit all the moods. The tall standing light makes one feel the energy and the play in this space.

This hall has a Major play of lights and two chandeliers with a small open to sky area with a bar unit.

Jyotiee_Deshmukkh_s_Bungalow_design-nivid-house-surfaces-reporterMost of the spaces have been provided with sleek standing balconies for the occupants to experience the hills and the nature around them.

Superb Minimalist Terrace

The overhead terrace has the right minimalistic design but is a fantastic cosy place to host parties and the perfect workout arena.

The front and the rear courtyards are very interestingly designed and laid out with pots and artificial grass to give the much-needed effect less the hassles of the daily maintenance.


A visit to this house ‘Nivid’ does leave one feeling large in the heart and the mind. 

Project Details

Design Firm: Neeyon Interiors, Pune
Project Type: Residential Bungalow
Project Name: Nivid House
Completion Year: Civil and Interiors - 2017-2020
Area: 4000 sq ft Bungalow
Project Location: Pune, Maharashtra.
Principal Architect and Interior Designer:  Jyotiee Deshmukkh
Photo courtesy:  Vivekjeet Purohit

Products and Materials

Finishing: Veneers,Laminates, Pu , Grey mirrors, Brown Mirrors,Wallpapers
Lighting: Philips
Paints: Asian paints
Hardware: Hafele, Blum

About the Firm

Jyotiee Deshmukh's Neeyon Interiors, Pune is primarily into the residential design and execution segment. Right from a studio up to a bungalow and more, Jyotiee’s designs and work leave a mark of uniqueness on the space, something which then eventually becomes the character of those spaces.

Jyotiee Deshmukhs Neeyon Interiors

Jyotiee Deshmukh, Principal Designer, Neeyon Interiors

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