The Fusion of Zaha Hadid Designs and Karimoku Furniture Collection For Collaborative Tokyo Exhibition


Japan's leading wooden furniture maker Karimoku Furniture collaborated with world-renowned design studio Zaha Hadid Design to present their oncoming collection of furniture in spring 2022. The Japanese furniture manufacturer recreated Zaha Hadid Designs in wood and will present them at their showroom and gallery space in Tokyo from 13 October to 3 December 2021. The main highlight of the exhibition is a preview of its meticulously designed “SEYUN” collection, featuring models designed by ZHD. The range is fabricated using the furniture brand’s advanced woodworking machines and hand-finished painstakingly by their experienced craftsmen. SURFACES REPORTER(SR)’s this post contains more information about the collection.

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The exhibition at Karimoku Commons showcases a selection of architectural prototypes from Zaha Hadid’s archives that have been recreated in wood that will allow people to engage with some of her innovative designs on a different level. The display offers an overview of a famous architect’s portfolio comprising home accessories, rugs, carpets, furniture, jewellery design, lighting and more, all developed in partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands and under the ZHD label. The collection is showcased in Japan for the first time.


Zaha-Hadid-Designs-Karimoku-Furniture-surfaces-reporterWood Yao, Director at ZHD assures, “This collaboration combines ZHD’s unmistakable design language and inventive approach to materiality with Karimoku’s uncompromising quality standards, achieved through the implementation of the most advanced technologies and manufacturing processes.”

Articulating Zaha Hadid’s Remarkable Legacy

The entire collection featuring a series of conjoined asymmetrical surfaces articulate the uncanny knack of the architect’s talent for creating extraordinary out of ordinary.

Zaha-Hadid-Designs-Karimoku-Furniture-surfaces-reporterThe exhibition takes the visitors on an explorative journey to explore and engage with several unique and distinct examples of the studio's work. The exhibition once again highlights the remarkable contribution of the renowned architect to architecture and design worldwide.   

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The Main Highlight- ‘Seyun’ Collection

The ‘Seyun’ collection contains tables, chairs and armchairs crafted in wood by Karimoku furniture taking cues from Zaha Hadid Design. Zaha-Hadid-Designs-Karimoku-Furniture-surfaces-reporterThe rare combination of the lightness of design and the hardness of the material wood. All the furniture pieces are exquisitely crafted in wood using Karimoku state of the art machinery and hand-finished by skilled craftsmen.

Zaha-Hadid-Designs-Karimoku-Furniture-surfaces-reporterHiroshi Kato, executive vice president of Karimoku Furniture shares, “Faithfully reproducing Zaha Hadid's design in wood is particularly challenging. We are honored to be involved in the making of her furniture designs, proving our knowledge and skills acquired throughout Karimoku’s history in craftsmanship dating back to 1940.” 

About the Furniture Brand

The origins of Karimoku date back to 1940 when Shohei Kato took over a longstanding timber company and established a small woodworking shop in the town of Kariya, Aichi. The company produced various wooden parts in the ensuing decades, developing a range of techniques and technology before launching its line of wooden furniture in the 1960s. Building upon the concept of manufacturing high-tech and high-touch products, the company established bases in timber production areas and soon developed into one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of wooden furniture. 

Photo Courtesy: Masaaki Inoue

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