Expert Tips to Choose Sanitary Ware

Expert Tips to Choose Sanitary Ware

Bathrooms are one of the important places in an estate and choosing the right kind of Sanitary ware is also of utmost importance. Sometimes, people end up choosing different shades of ceramic like pink or blue in their bathrooms that does not dwell well. Choosing the right kind of Sanitary ware helps your bathroom give you the exact kind of luxurious yet calm feel that the rest of your residence gives you. Surfaces Reporter has brought to you some interesting expert tips following which you can choose the right kind of Sanitary ware for your bathrooms and bring in the same feel as other spaces of your home.

Color of ceramics

While purchasing ceramics for bathroom, make sure to choose a common shade of ceramic that matches with the whole interiors of the space. Choosing white ceramic has always been the best choice as it bring in more calm and peacefulness into any space. Shades like pink, blue, yellow makes the bathroom space dull and lowers the natural brightness of the space. White works best with any kind of wall or colorcombination that one may want to achieve in their bathroom. 

Type of finish

Sanitary ware in bathroom must always be glossy. They are easy to clean and maintain. If you select a matt or abrasive surfaces, you will end up in pain of cleaning to everyday as matt or any abrasive surface end up collecting dirt and they are not easy to clean. Glossy sanitary ware finish is the only kind of finish to be chosen for a bathroom space.

Chip resistant

While purchasing sanitary ware for your space, always make sure to check the ISI label on the items and make sure there are no cracks or chips on the sanitary ware surface. Sometime, ceramics are fired at high temperature due to which they end up breaking or chipping. Always check the ISI label and edges of the sanitary ware before purchasing.


While cleaning the sanitary ware surface for regular maintenance, make sure to never use any abrasive material. Any kind of grating or harsh material ends up ruining the natural gloss of the sanitary ware. The surface becomes harsh and collects dirt and the only option you are left with is changing the surface all together. For cleaning basins, always use a soap liquid with a damp cloth and rub it gently. For your toilet seats, use a toilet cleaner with cleaning brush only.

Ease of installation

Pre decide where you want your basic, toilet seats and shower heads to be installed. If you want a bath tub or Jacuzzi, decide the place where it is to be installed. You can always try and make a separate space for shower head and keep it away from the rest of the bathroom. For this, you may have to give up on bath tub or Jacuzzi. Also, you must decide beforehand if you want a hung basic or a sat on pedestal basin, the plumbing and mounting points, kind of taps and fixtures to be used.



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