Music Runs in the Veins of This Sun-Drenched Duplex Residence in Mumbai | Studio Osmosis

Music Runs in the Veins of This Sun-Drenched Duplex Residence in Mumbai | Studio Osmosis

Located in the Godrej Trees, Mumbai, this duplex residence designed by Sameer Balvally and Shilpa Jain Balvally of Studio Osmosis is surrounded by a bounty of dense foliage and is flooded with an abundance of natural light. The clients, a couple in their late 40s along with their two daughters, believe in living life to the fullest. It is aptly named 'The Perfect Symphony' owing to the family's love for playing /singing music and the celebratory vibe.


The firm employed neutral colour tones with soothing pastels such as Rose gold, millennial pink pastel shades, sage greens with taupe backdrops, sunlight and greens to create an alluring and welcoming look to the home. Further, with interesting well-detailed pieces of custom-made furniture to highlighting products from Jaipur Rugs, Studio Avni, Kanchi designs and Birchville homes as well as Classic Marble and Deluxe veneers, the space embodies a story of its own inspired by the musical celebratory vibes to art deco style. The architects shared with SURFACES REPORTER (SR) how they succeed in designing a house that is a reflection of its inhabitants' love for Music, food, festivals and all the little joys in life. 

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the-perfect-symphony-studio-osmosis-surfaces-reporterThe Main Concept

The premise of the design inspiration was the family itself. The home celebrates the bond where music runs in the veins, warmth and festivities, food and travel being a large part of their lives.

the-perfect-symphony-studio-osmosis-surfaces-reporterThe home along with the abundant sunlight and access to views and plants expresses their humility and warmth as a family. The sunlit, green double-height conservatory vibe is the warmest nook for a Mumbai size home. Each piece of furniture in the house has a sense of identity in the overall context and has a significant role to play to make each space wholesome.

The Interior Realm

The brief was simple – to convert their 4bhk duplex residence into 2 bedrooms, a Music/Jam plus guestroom and a dining area as an extension to a living area that is an expression of warmth and elegance, celebrating the close-knit bond of family.

/the-perfect-symphony-studio-osmosis-surfaces-reporterNo structural changes were made except converting and breaking the 4th bedroom wall into an open dining area connected to the Living and the bathroom turning it into the powder bath.

Entrance Foyer and Living Area

As one enters the apartment, one can see the distinct zones weaving into each other creating an interesting planning thought process.

/the-perfect-symphony-studio-osmosis-surfaces-reporterIt opens into a casual zone that has a dedicated space for an altar and an upright piano zone marked by the ambits of a pastel blue geometric dhuri from Jaipur Rugs and the Samsara cork stool by Studio Avni that adds to the charisma of the living room highlighted by an artwork that signifies the birth of the Sound of Music.


The wall near the altar area is panelled with a vertical-grained Dove Taba veneer from Deluxe. The altar is highlighted using soft ambient lighting. The material palette was complemented by the Bottochino marble floor, an abstract wallpaper and warm undertone shades that provide a suitable backdrop to showcase the art pieces and accents.


The use of a mirror panelled wall helps open up the narrow entrance foyer considerably. It also reflects the sunlight that pours into the living area, giving the illusion of vastness. The living room exhibits a beautiful amalgamation of modern sophistication with a touch of the classic Art deco style in terms of detailing and geometry. One can catch sight of the crown moulding that runs throughout the periphery which also continues around the doorways. A passage door having fluted glass panels detailed with rose gold handle adds to the contemporary nature of the space.

/the-perfect-symphony-studio-osmosis-surfaces-reporterThe elegant blush pink-toned taupe custom-built seating is contrasted by a beautiful geometric Jaipur Rug and the subtle Kanchi cushions complement the surrounding lush landscape perfectly. The beauty of the veneer-panelled T.V. wall is not only in rose gold accents but the curved console that is meticulously crafted using brown-tinted mirror slats. The wall lights and chandelier create the right ambience for any celebration adding to the classic modern touch pervading the house.

While on one side of the living room is a semi-open dining area that features a curio cabinet displaying ornate crockery pieces, on the other stands a sizeable kitchen that allows for functionality and productivity.

Enticing Kitchen

Since the owner loves cooking, the kitchen was intentionally kept minimal, spacious and white with only the plum-pinks graded backsplash adding colour to the space making it look spacious and balanced.


To utilize the maximum storage space available, a full-height pull-out pantry unit was designed in a manner that would fold out into a breakfast counter making it a functional and non-cluttered kitchen space.

Dining Area Strengthens Familial Bonds

The dining area is a bonding space for family and friends during festivals over a sumptuous meal where guests can enjoy the music that the couple’s daughters would play. A rose gold finish MS metal open grid semi-partition with top-lit floating veneer shelves displays the family collectives and art pieces from House of Objects and visually connects yet separates the living and dining area in a very subtle manner.

A CMC Terrazzo stone with prominent coloured chips highlights the counter for the veneer-finished curio cabinet in the dining area. Art deco-inspired wall lights and the formal rose gold-based dining table with broad armrest chairs give the space a ceremonial impression.

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Music Runs in the Veins of The House

Music is the driving force of their everyday life, the guest bedroom on the lower floor functions as a multipurpose room that could be used as a guest bedroom or music play or informal lounge and jamming sessions for the girls.

the-perfect-symphony-studio-osmosis-surfaces-reporterThe room plays the function of a music room with provisions made for a keyboard and other music equipment. To make the room more efficient and functional, the architects proposed a murphy bed that can be pulled down to accommodate guests. The room also doubles as a study and library room when the bed is shut and concealed as a part of the whole unit.

the-perfect-symphony-studio-osmosis-surfaces-reporter"This is one of our favourite bedrooms and we love the way it multi-functions, transforms and becomes a space for fun, jamming, family and everyone. Ultimately, this is what design, architecture and Interiors are expected to do – transform itself and become one with the users and help them pursue their life’s passion," said the design team.

Staircase Maximises Natural Light 

Another lovely space of this home is a beautiful staircase with full height windows that brings in a flood of natural light throughout the day marries the two floors of the duplex. The double-height space is juxtaposed with the Jaipur Rug Art deco-inspired wall dhuri and the globe White teak chandelier. 

/the-perfect-symphony-studio-osmosis-surfaces-reporterA small intimate nook is created under the staircase area where the firm tried to incorporate the concept of biophilia by laying a green turf with planters overlooking the foliage outdoors too. One could sit over the grass turf, read while having a beverage, or simply relax in this indoor-outdoor sunlit conservatory. The upper floor consists of the Master's and daughters’ bedrooms.

The Master bedroom

Spacious and airy, the master bedroom is extending into a small walk-in wardrobe on one end and a cozy balcony area on the other. The sage green headboard over a taupe palette with mouldings on the wall sets a very modern art deco vibe with a dreamy ambience with Linens by Birchville Homes and Kanchi.


The console at the front of the bed is well detailed with a CMC terrazzo countertop enhanced with rose gold metal details along with an interesting mix of veneers from Deluxe Veneers.


The balcony with Studio Avni’s characteristic cork stool is a perfect sit-out has ample sunlight which when bounces into the room make it look more spacious and light in nature.

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The Daughters’ Bedroom

It is a contemporary yet chic room, with a subtle powder pink headboard and oversized teardrop lights that enhance the otherwise plain bed back.

/the-perfect-symphony-studio-osmosis-surfaces-reporterAlpi’s pointillist colourful solar-inspired wood veneer designed by Atelier Mendini is used as a highlight for oversized handle details in the room adding to the bright sunlit mood of the space with the dresser mirror creating interesting reflections. A well-planned symmetrical veneer study unit with ample visual storage makes the room functional for the daughters to study and WFH with the new post-pandemic norm. Hints of rose gold add to the funk and positivity to this bedroom which has an otherwise neutral colour palette, making the room look dreamy and spacious.

Major Challenges

In terms of challenges, the biggest and most unexpected was the pandemic that hit whilst the work was going on halfway. "We had to deal with shutting work abruptly, picking it up slowly back while phase-wise slow opening, material and labour management while taking care of their safety on sites well as new rules, led to revisiting and adapting to the new normal work process but luckily all came up to speed with the clients being very understanding and cooperative of the situation. Also, importantly, the right use of technology, an excellent contracting team and a well-detailed drawing set by our team and everyone adapting to the new online normal was crucial in getting the project completed in due time and within planned budgets," concluded the designers.

Project Details

Project Name: The Perfect Symphony
Architecture Firm: Studio Osmosis (est Jan 2010)
Names of the Principal Architect/s or Principal Designer/s: Sameer Balvally, Shilpa Jain Balvally , Partner And Principal Architects, Leed AP, M. Arch (Texas A &M University), G.D Arch (Academy of arch)
Location: Godrej Trees, Mumbai.
Month and Year of Completion: Jan 2021.
Area: 1800 Sq Ft. Approx. (2 levels duplex with internal staircase)
Photographer: Yadnyesh Joshi
Shoot Stylist: Shraddha Nayak
Style/Influence: Contemporary, art-deco-inspired touch.

Products / Vendors

Rugs and Dhurries: Jaipur Rugs
Bed Linens, Cushions: Kanchi and Birchville Homes
Accessories: House of Objects
Cork Stool sets and dining accessories: Studio Avni
Lighting: White Teak, Maroo
Automation: Sabr Controls
Stone : Classic Marble
Veneer: Deluxe Veneer
Built-in Furniture: Mass Interiors      

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