How To Choose A Wardrobe For Your Child - A Blog on wardrobe ideas for children

Choose A Wardrobe

Building a wardrobe for your child can get stressful sometimes. Many kids like to stay involved in the process of choosing their clothes. A good wardrobe will focus on the utility with multiple shelves and accessible hanging sections. Safety is an important aspect to consider while designing a child's wardrobe. Large wardrobes which are too tall or furniture that can topple could pose a safety hazard. The durability of the furniture should also be considered if your kids will be playing in the same room.


Here we have shared some tips on wardrobe ideas for children. Since design is very important to kids, choose a wardrobe style that matches your child's personality and their room.

7 Fun Wardrobe Ideas for Children

Neutral and bright colors

Choose neutral and bright color palettes that your kids will grow to love. Step out from the usual blue, pink and yellow and opt for a safer color choice. Colors like white, beige, orange, and green are perfect to add a splash of vibrancy to your kid's space.

Add drawers and low shelves

If you want your kids to learn organizational skills from an early age, follow this trick. Low-level storage options like smooth drawers or soft closing cubby holes will encourage kids to arrange their clothes. Once they've grown older, these spaces can be used for out-of-season clothes or hats and shoes.

Low level hanging rods

Keeping in mind the growth of your child, install hanging rods into rows instead of one. These should be placed at a low-level height so your kids can easily hang their jackets and coats. This way you can use all the vertical space available in the wardrobe. Once the kids have grown up, you can take the rods to a higher level for easy access.

Choose a finish that is low maintenance or easy to clean

Choose an antibacterial laminate finish for the safety of your child. Sometimes they tend to play dress-up in the same room, this way they can play and learn about the organization at the same time. You can also add a chalkboard surface so your kids can scribble without worries. A good finish will allow you to clean easily and reduce any kind of stains or scratches.

Choose some quirky and fun wardrobe handles

Switch your regular door knobs with quirky animal or insect doorknobs. This adds some element of surprise and fun for your child. There are geometric or numerical shaped knobs too so your kids can learn about shapes while they're organizing. The position of the handles is an important factor to note, it should be accessible but high enough to avoid injury.

Build the wardrobe based on storage needs

Consider everything that will be kept inside the wardrobe. From toys to coats and boots, there should be proper space for everything. Install pull-out storage bins for toys and games. Lower drawers can be used to fold clothes and placed on top of another. Additional space for hats and bags should also be made.

Good lighting to prevent accidents

An important element of a kid's wardrobe is lighting. In order to prevent accidents from stumbling around in the dark, consider installing LED lights. You can choose motion sensor lights that consume less energy or simple colorful lights that add a sense of drama to the wardrobe.


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