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Each furniture item needs care and maintenance. Lack of attention to even the smallest of corners can lead to unsightly appearance, the perpetuation of germs and damage to the property. Adequate care and maintenance allow your belongings to last long and save you hefty amounts of money too! Stone is a raw material that is versatile, classy and durable. Using engineered and natural stones can hence be a common factor. The vibe created by this artistic masterpiece is to die for. But it is essential to take proper care of your marbled countertops or your granite floors. Surfaces Reporter (SR) lays down the rules and tips for the care and maintenance of luxury natural and engineered stones.

Generalised tips

While we have mentioned the specific details in the article further, here are some tips that all stone furniture owners can swear by.

Seal the stone to prevent staining

Stones are often porous which can lead to frequent staining. The best way to avoid it is by sealing the countertops and resealing when required. If you are unsure whether your countertops are sealed or not here is a quick test. Pour water onto the area which gets the most traffic and let it seep for 5-10 minutes. After wiping water, check if it left a dark spot. There it is, the dark spot! It is an indication that you need to seal the stone as water is being absorbed.

A quick test to know whether your countertop stone is sealed: Pour water onto the area which gets the most traffic and let it seep for 5-10 minutes. After wiping water, if it leaves a dark spot, it means the stone is absorbing water and need sealing.

Use stone-safe products only

Stones can be vulnerable to acidic or basic cleaners. Hence it is vital to use a pH neutral cleaner. Cleaners that are designated safe for natural stones should be a must have. Stones can discolour and hence special care should be given to avoid acidic cleaners

Don’t take the stains lightly

Don’t let the stone get soiled with the spills. Blot immediately to avoid deterioration of the stone. Avoid the stains by adopting coasters regularly. Sunlight can also be a big culprit, hence avoid direct sunlight on the stone. You can use a tray to elude the sunlight.

Two of the most popular luxury stones are marble and granite. The tips are as follows.

Maintaining Marble

Marble is a soft and porous material that is susceptible to stains and scratches. It is mandatory to adopt the habit of using coasters with marble countertops. Shun away from using acidic fruits or hot dishes on it.

Any natural stone must be mopped frequently to stay clear of abrasive sand, dirt, and grit. Ensure frequent mopping of the floor using a non-treated dry mop. If you have a marble floor, make sure to place slip-resistant mats or area rugs inside and outside entrances. Equipment such as vacuum cleaners and wheels should be maintained in exceptional shape. This is necessary to avoid scratches on the marble. Make sure to blot stains with a paper towel instead of wiping.

Use a dry cloth for cleaning the marble to avoid any dark spots due to the seepage of water. Avoid scouring with abrasive such as those containing hydrofluoric acid (HF). If you have marble walls prevent soap scum from building up. In case the dirt is hard to reach try products that are made to break down dirt such as dry steam.


Granites are a sturdy addition to your home furniture. The material is durable as it is resistant to scratches. But being a porous material, it surely absorbs water. To clean your granite, begin by keeping all the appliances, crockery and keepsakes away. By using a dry sponge, brush away debris. For cleaning purpose, use a neutral cleaner. Avoid bleach, vinegar etc., frequently as it may weaken the sealant of the stone. A little soap and water work well. For removing stubborn stains implement using a razor blade. The blade will scrape away any build up on the slab. Finish by wiping up with a clean sponge. Granites can lose their lustre with time. This can be renewed by pouring a little cooking oil on a soft cloth and wiping the countertop. This will make the stone slightly stain resistant too! Reseal the granite periodically to ensure that the sealant action is still there.

Engineered stone

These stones are generally maintenance-free as they are hard and non-porous. They additionally won’t lose luster hence won’t require sealing. Simple cleaning with water and soap will do wonders. Abrasive chemicals should be restricted. Remove stubborn stains such as gum, food, dried paint or nail polish that can be removed using a plastic putty knife. Avoid the chemicals that can exhibit solvent action as it may lead to the weakening of the properties of the stone. Engineered stones have more resistance to heat but are not entirely heatproof. Therefore direct heat should be avoided.

Stone is a great raw material for most accessory options. It gives your house an opulent look. Considering these essential tips, your stone can stay as good as new for years to come. Stones are durable and can scale up the value of your home!


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