Eco-Green , Energy Efficient and Futuristic Private Villa G02 Sits on Its Own Artificial Land | Mask Architects

Eco-Green , Energy Efficient and Futuristic Private Villa G02 Sits on Its Own Artificial Land | Mask Architects

Uniqueness flow in the veins of the design team of Mask Architects who has recently proposed a concept of an ecological and energy-efficient plush private villa- G02 that will be positioned on its manmade island. The site will be located offshore and connected by one single roadway. Looking clearly like a guitar from up above, the G02 villa has a unique, instantaneously recognizable architecture that stands it apart. The curvilinear form of the villa seems like as buildings created by Zaha-Hadid. Spread over an area of 9000 sqm, the mansion consists of a main central building for the client and residents, with smaller outer buildings surrounding the central building for guests. The main purpose of this lush villa is to be an architectural embellishment for its occupants. The sustainable project accommodates a fitness center, its heated swimming pool and conventional spaces including tennis courts and Turkish baths. Read more about the project below at SURFACES REPORTER (SR):

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Use of Natural Resources

The firm incorporated natural sources such as wind and water to create cooling on the island for a comfortable life in the hotter climate. " The island has been designed to channel wind through and around the buildings, with buffer zones to also capture cool air and have cool pockets of spaces on the island. As well as wind, we have used water. Water has been used to create pockets of water around the island next to and around the buildings. This allows the dry air to be fresh and hydrating as well as cooling," said Öznur Pinar Çer.

Luxury Swimming Pool

The project features a large self-heated swimming pool, which will be used for leisure, sports and activities. While reading next to the pool and cooling down, it is centered perfectly behind the main Villa to gain the full advantage of the airflow channeled through the island.

The pool also acts as a smooth transaction between the island and the ocean as the infinity pool almost feels like it connects with the ocean. This fluidity is important throughout the island to create a sense of organic and natural placement of the island in the ocean allowing smooth eyesight transitions.

Social Spaces Lies In The Ground Floor

The client requested that the ground floor of the main building be a social space for all, to create harmony between indoor and outdoor spaces. The social space is to house all social activities, health and fitness suites, and resident facilities.

The swimming pool will have social areas around it, while also half nearly covered by the curve of the main building. Fluidity is important in our design as we have created a flowing and fluid concept, to allow the air to flow through, with light creating soft shadows and to see endless curves as art.

The social areas that consist of leisure, health and fitness facilities are fitted with facilities such as Turkish bath, Sauna, Hydro-Massage Shower and Massage Rooms. A Yoga and meditation glass sky deck will be created with indoor gyms and sports areas such as tennis courts.

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"A luxury added facility is that at the end of the island, we have created dock facilities for boats and yachts to be able to come and go. Another facility is that we have also created a parking lot at the front entrance, to have multiple transport choices for the residents, guests, staff and also for the general maintenance of the island. Other fun activities and zones we have created are such, games room, library, home theater, a bar, rooftop terraces and cinema, outdoor areas with private fireplaces, events and party areas and a winter tea garden with also an indoor pool and lounge decks. We have designed and combined luxury, health and wellness with sustainability and fluidity. These things were important for both the client and us to be able to design something to stand out and be unique," explains Danilo PETTA.

 To be able to be self-sustainable with areas for growing vegetables and fruit, to use natural sources of energy to keep the island energy efficient. All factors combined create this living and breathing artificial island.

Stunning Panoramic View of Sky and Sea

The island has 360-degree views of the beautiful scenic ocean and the sky. The main central building and also the guest buildings all have rooftop terraces, to allow more social space to be used to the island's advantage. We want to use every space in the best way possible.

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Breathable and Living Island

Palm trees to be placed around the island also as buffer obstacles from unwanted winds and to create a zone within the island. Adding to the tropical concept of an island, the palm trees really play their part in creating this artificial island to come alive and breathe like a natural island.

"We want to be as ecological as possible, by creating this artificial island to be breathable and living."

Light Through the Roof

The main building will be transparent at the rear to allow light to come through and make it feel open. The tradition from inside and outside is short with the fluidity also taking place in this sense to allow open areas on the island to combine indoor and outdoor living. With smooth long streaks, open areas are also placed on the roof to take advantage of the light to come in through the roof and to create a sense of brightness using solar energy as a source of lighting.

Project Details:

Project Name: Private Villa G02
Architecture Firm: Mask Architects
Lead Design Architects: Öznur Pinar ÇER, Danilo PETTA
Design Team: Öznur Pinar ÇER, Danilo PETTA, Derya GENC, Sarje Nagda
Year: 2022
Text and Images: Courtesy of Mask Architects

About the Firm

Mask Architects and Design is young an international architecture and design firm in Istanbul, Germany, and Italy with more than 5 years of expertise in the fields of priority public and cultural projects and then workspaces,mix-use projects, luxury industrial design, medical design equipment and health, education, shopping, living space, yacht and watch design as well as production and master planning across the world. The office is led by young award-winning architect and designer Öznur Pinar Çer and luxury Industrial designer, architect Danilo Petta.

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