An Innovative Sustainable House That Allows People To Live Amidst 1 Million Bees | Studio Metrocubo | Italy

An Innovative and Sustainable House That Allows Guests To Live Amidst 1 Million Bees | Studio Metrocubo | Italy

Bees are lovely creatures that play a vital role in our ecosystem. Maximum plants depend on these insects for pollination. However, urban cities have become inadvertent drivers that are causing to decline in the bee species' richness and abundance. Though if you love nature and love spending time amidst these cute little creatures, you can live in this house in Italy surrounded by 1 million bees. Italian beekeeper Rocco Filomeno has listed this world’s first bee farm- Air Bee & Bee- on Airbnb. Designed by Italian artist Davide Tagliabue – metrocubo in art, this buzz-worthy hive is specially designed to enable people to 'experience bee-therapy in the most authentic and natural way.’ Read SURFACES REPORTER (SR) to know more about this house below:

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Aptly named- Air Bee & Bee, this house allows the visitors to sleep amidst the buzzes and aroma of the bees. Located on an olive farm in a village called Grottole, the project is designed to encourage respect and awareness for bees.

Bee-Hive Like Structure

The exterior of the home resembles a honeycomb. It contains a bedroom with two single beds that can accommodate two people easily.

It is enclosed by nine apiaries or beehives that contain around 1 million working bees. Even one of the beehives hanging from the ceiling near your bed. Though you should not worry that you got stung by bees as these hives are netted properly.

The beehive only contains a room for sleeping or hanging out. If you want to go to the bathroom, you need to go to a separate cottage in the vicinity. 

An Innovative and Energy Efficient Project Promotes Sustainable Tourism

The project is an epitome of novelty, sustainability and tourism in the world of apitherapy and beekeeping.

The house has no electricity but visitors can get solar-powered LED lights, a cooling bag to preserve the food and a buzzing company.

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Un-Bee-Lievable Experience 

The house offers a complete bee experience to hte visitors. The owner- Rocco Filomeno- who is aloes the beekeeper, will teach you the value of bees and why we should save them. Apart from this, you will be served breakfast that includes ricotta strawberries, homemade biscuits and certainly, honey made from the local bees.

The project is constructed with the help of 25 volunteers through a crowdfunding campaign. Sating in this beehive for a night will cost around spending a night in this beehive, you need to spend $145 or 11,452.04 Indian Rupees. 

Project Details

Project Name: Wonder Bee & Bee
Designer: Davide Tagliabue
Host: Rocco Filomeno
Under the guidance of NGO Wonder Grottole
Location: Southern Italy

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