A Serene Vacation Home With The Colour Palette of Industrial Shades and Earthy Hues Amidst The Sahyadris Mountains | Rohit Bhoite

uday villa

A house is one’s sanctuary of dreams, emotions & hope. And what better way to bring this etymology to life than a home that expresses just this. Drive down about a hundred kilometers off the coast of the bustling city of Mumbai and nestled amidst the Sahyadris Mountains, is interior designer Rohit Bhoite’s recent heartfelt project. When he was approached for the Linear House Project, it was simply barren land and the creative brief was to design a space that reflected the diverse yet cognitive personalities of the homeowners keeping in mind that it had to be kid-friendly too. The 4 BHK vacation home-dubbed ‘Uday Villa’- designed by him embraces the tranquility of its surroundings through an earthy colour palette laced with industrial shades. ID Bhoite shared more about the project with SURFACES REPORTER (SR). Read on:


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From the day Rohit’s team started ideating and drafting their initial thoughts to where the complete home stands today, it's been an overwhelming and fulfilling journey of over two years. Layout orientation diagrams and computer simulations were discussed with the homeowners, iterated and concluded with great detailing, keeping in mind the philosophy and personas of all. 

uday villa

The pristine architectural structure, pool deck, landscaping, interior design and execution, each aspect of the project had been well planned and executed with timelines. Nature and urban contemporary visuals had to blend extremely well into each other. It was the perfect opportunity to create an abode of tranquillity with a colour palette of industrial shades with earthy hues and tones that evoke a sense of calm. 

Spatial Layout

Overlooking the expansive mountain range the house was designed with a horizontally stretch with the living room & dining being placed right in the center as the focal point where family and friends would love to spend time together.

uday villaThe two master bedrooms fondly known as the Black and White rooms put at extreme ends. There is also a kids' room and a guest bedroom apart from the comprehensive kitchen.  

Open and Well-lit Living Area

The living space practically has no walls, but folding shutters glass-paned French windows with custom-designed track channels that allow them to fully open up on both sides. One side has the landscaped lawns and the other has the pool and the barbeque gazebo. The idea was that one can embrace the feeling of sitting outdoors even while inside the leisure of the living room… literally re-creating an inside-out look. 

The flooring selected was a blended ash gray shade with Diesel tiles to offset the industrial feel. The chalet-style sloping pitch roof is as capacious with an 18 feet height at its highest point in the center running through the entire living and dining area.

uday villaWalls were handcrafted in textured grey and subway tiles as one of the highlighters, with the couch in pure linen fabric and relaxed rattan wicker chairs to offset the colours of the walls. 

Impressive Handmade Glass Mesh Chandelier

Planters that are about nine feet in height were placed strategically. The icing on the cake was the handmade glass mesh chandelier discovered by the designer on one of his travels and literally an instant hit with the homeowners too. Apart from this, canescent lighting has always been a must-have on his projects. He strongly recommends this offering to his clients at most times.

The dining table is a solid wood plank and polished off in a complimenting natural wood tinge with a clear glass bottom to ensure that the dimensional view of the house does not get blocked. It is fondly known as the floating table in the family!   

Geometry with tiles and forms has been a focal point in Rohit’s structural designs, especially when it comes to bathrooms. The powder bathroom is a classic example of just that with extensive use of hexagonal tiling. A custom granite sink with brass details around the periphery and edges of the mirror is the focal point and forms the visual balance of the small yet utilitarian space.  

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Graceful Bedrooms

There are 4 bedrooms in the Uday Villa. Two Master bedrooms, one kid's room and a guest room. One bedroom which the team terms ‘His Black Room’ was designed simply to the preference of the gentleman and ‘Her White Room’ was designed to the choice of the lady of the house. The black and white rooms have the same layout, but are situated at both the extreme ends of the house, each overlooking the greens and the azure pool with tall glass retractable French top to bottom windows. 

Outstanding Black Room

The black room has a beautiful choice of natural hues of deep and tan browns, greens and a grey concrete wall giving the room an industrial look. The opposite wall holds the much loved yet tricky-to-use aluminium checked Tiles. Polished Kadappa (slate) flooring holds the visual identity together and almost completes the look of the black shera(cement) board panel with a deep wooden texture.

uday villa

A tan cosy corner chair, which happens to be one of Rohit’s steals while scouting for local designer portfolios, at the rear end; Adds to the eccentric highlight that you see in the other details as well, such as the bed frame and the word work around the room. A metal mesh lightweight glass tube adds a fantastic delicate highlight almost completing the room to perfection.  

uday villa

Apart from keeping the bathroom clutter free, practical and trendy, it incorporates the palette of the room, here as well with brass detailing, Diesel tiles and fittings in a clean and trend-setting chrome finish.  

Peaceful White Room

The white room made to the choice of the lady of the family has a strong feminine voice yet keeps to the integrity of Rohit’s design style. The walls are textured with concrete finish light grey colour with Diesel tiles and the ceiling is masked with shera board in an ash wood shade. 

The industrial look is softened with a smart chic choice in upholstery to add warmth. A signature Rohit Bhoite custom-designed four poster urban bed with light sheers was a must-have for the lady in the house and it was honoured.

uday villaIt was created in-house from scratch and holds a natural veneer polish. To offset the industrial grey, earthy tones of greens were used by way of planters and browns in the carpet. The bathroom door adds a touch of nature to the entire space. The pendant & ceiling light fittings have a touch of brass to compliment the room and add finesse. 

The bathroom was designed with granite and hued concrete that supports the industrial tone of the design language that Rohit is trying to bring about to the project.  

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Cheerful Kids Room

The kid's room is an eclectic blend of blues, indigo and tan brown. The little homeowners insisted on slumber party bunk beds and given this fun brief, custom-made beds were designed with a height of 15 feet so they do not need to bend over or have heads hitting the roofs when at play.

uday villaThe lights form yet another highlight of this room, that juxtapose floating cloud formations, symbolizing ideas that can creatively flow in thin air. Cement tiles in the flooring, textured walls and fabrics in earthy tones truly complete this room.

Beautiful Guest Room

Shades of blue are the highlight of the guest room. The angular yet nonsymmetrical geometric patterned flooring offsets the colour tones of the custom-made bed, the headboard and the roof.

Concrete tiles form the base and the half and half wall, cutting the monotony of a plain white wall that runs across the length and height of the room.

The colours of the room spill over the bathroom with the coloured concrete walls and flooring. The raw look with refined designer fittings was Rohit’s way of incorporating the technique into his art form.    

Striking Indoor Pool

The pool being a highlight for the kids in the family, was designed the length of 15 mts. x 5 meters to cover the exact expanse of the house, so it is visible not only from the living and dining areas but also from both the black and white rooms at both ends of the constructed structure.

uday villa

There is a practical and aesthetically clear glass porch with matt black gazebo work where the open-to-air bar, BBQ grill and open-to-air outdoor furniture have been placed for outdoor dining on a beautiful winter day or a hot summer evening. The family hopes to spend much of their time here as the kids love to make a splash on most days.

uday villa

Climate-Responsive Design

Landscape design holds a special place for the designer. This was a design avenue he had been assigned for the very first time. With a lot of in-depth research about flora and fauna with climate durability in mind, the plan was all about juxtaposing natural elements with the existing rock formations originally found in the same space as discovered. Everything was designed around the original being of these mini boulders to represent his ideology of aligning it all into a beautifully orchestrated form without having to compromise on the integrity of the design planned.

uday villaTo finish off the project Rohit and the homeowners added the final touches to the bold hues with customized furniture elements, paintings and eye-catching curios from all across the world. 

Project Details

Project Name: Linear House
Type: Holiday home
Architecture Firm: Rohit Bhoite – House of Design
Firm Location: Mumbai, India
Area: 1.25 acres.
Gross Built Area: 7,500.sqft
Project Location: Lonavala, India
Lead Architects/ Interior Designer: Rohit Bhoite 
Photo credits: Ishita Sitwala      
Clients: Rahul Tuljapurkar / Jaya Tuljapurkar
Landscape Design: Rohit Bhoite
Interior Stylist: Samir Wadekar

About Architect

Rohit Bhoite is an Internationally renowned architect with a passion for high end finishes. Born in Mumbai, Rohit grew up in a household of designers, his father being one of the most prominent architects for temples in India, Rohit was raised with passion for design and love for architecture. After finishing his diploma in interior design from Rachna Sansad Mumbai (2009), he went on to pursue his Masters degree in Interior and Living design from Domus Academy in Milan, Italy. After learning the finer details of architecture and gathering design experience in Milan, Rohit flew back to his roots in Mumbai and started his own design studio in 2014 and has undertaken numerous national and international projects in the space of interior architecture and design. Rohit Bhoite design has featured in major architectural magazines.

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