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Hidden under verdant greenery, the European Library of Information and Culture (BEIC) in Porta Vittoria, Milan is the epitome futuristic book reading place. Designed by Studio noa* in a surreal environment of flying books and roof forests, the new library allows the visitor to venture into unique and unreal worlds. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) presents here more information about the library. Take a look:

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european-library-of-information-noaCocooned in the Porta Vittoria in Milan, Italy, the project inspires and frees the mind from clutter and offers a relaxing and serene atmosphere. The project is informed by its surrounding lush greenery, which permeates all spaces. The project design is presented in the global design competition held by the Municipality of Milan and the BEIC Foundation. The firm has envisioned it as a hub of creativity, aiming to provide an engaging reading environment. It offers innumerable conditions for the people to explore uncharted territories.

Signature Organic Roof

The library comprises a stylistic organic floating roof that unexpectedly contains an orchard. distinctive geometries such as meandering volume incorporating distinct functions, a pair of two hilly structures carrying the floating roof, and a unique elevator. The entire structure is mostly introverted with its volumes emerging from the ground and expanding towards the Porta Vittoria park, allowing easy access to all areas.


The building comprises a combination of different geometries: a sinuous volume that compiles different functions of the building, a pair of two hilly structures that carry the floating library roof, and a one-of-a-kind elevator

Project Layout

The project will have nine floors in total- the first floor will be combined with a sinuous promenade that enables people to cross the building completely. The interior boulevard will offer an evocative spatial experience to the people. 

european-library-of-information-noaIt will also have a circular study room that can accommodate 200 people, with a 360° view over Milan, vertically closing the building. ‘To reach it, one ascends a one-of-a-kind elevator, a proper tower of books, picked up as needed by an automated system. Through this astonishing landscape of moving books, the highest point of the BEIC is reached,’ mentioned on the website. Reaching the topmost point feels like climbing a tree after having walked through a lush garden.

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Inspired By Eden Garden-Tree of Knowledge

The architects took cues from the Garden of Eden to present such an innovative and futuristic design. The Eden Garden is where the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil grows.”

european-library-of-information-noaThe biblical episode linked to it is perhaps one of the narratives philosophers have drawn on most to portray humanity. According to Hegel, by eating the forbidden apple from the Tree of Knowledge, Eve was the first person to stand apart from the animals, acquiring consciousness and intentionality in doing. When Eve became interested in the unknown, paraphrasing, libraries found their raison d'être,” says the architect.

european-library-of-information-noaThe roof of the new cultural center and library contains an earthly Eden, where visitors could celebrate the beauty of knowledge and continually encourage people to reach out to unknown worlds.

Project Details

Project Name: European Library of Information and Culture (BEIC)
Typology: Cultural Centre
Architecture Firm: Noa* network of architecture
Location: Porta Vittoria, Milan, Italy
Design year: 2022
Visualization: Dima Visualization
Client: International design competition held by the Municipality of Milan and the BEIC Foundation
Status: Concept Design

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