Reclaimed Wood, Kota Stone, Exposed Concrete And Brick Give A Rustic Yet Refined Appeal To This Lush Cochin House | VSP Architects

Reclaimed Wood, Kota Stone, Exposed Concrete And Brick Give A Rustic Yet Refined Appeal To This Lush Cochin House | VSP Architects

Located near Vytila junction in Cochin – one of the city’s busiest and most densely populated regions, HAVEN is designed by a team of VSP architects. Where the use of reclaimed wood, Kota stone, exposed concrete and brick gives a rustic yet refined appeal to the interiors, the addition of plants gives a lush tropical feel. Furthermore, the architects have also installed solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems for saving energy and resources. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) has received more interesting details about the project from the team. Take a look:

The uneven plot posed a challenge

The irregular shape of the plot, which was narrow in the front and wider towards the rear, along with the surrounding tight-knit context, posed a challenge in designing spaces which were open, with adequate natural ventilation and light, while simultaneously ensuring privacy.

Courtyards and skylights for greenery, light and air

This was achieved by a careful articulation of the plan, which was deliberately kept fluid, with vast open spaces and courtyards included to compensate for the reduced openings to the exterior. 

Courtyards act as connectors between the main living areas and help in creating an open ambience, full of natural night and greenery, despite the introverted planning. 

Additionally, skylights were added above the main courtyard after carefully studying the sun's path along the plot, which creates an ever-changing play of light inside.

There is a continuous visual link in the east-west direction, from the sit-out at the entrance to the intimate veranda at the rear of the house. This also forms a primary air circulation route and helps in reducing the openings on the north and south sides to ensure privacy from the surrounding residences. 

The open terraces, designed using concrete flat slabs, add to the horizontality of the house along with multi-functional spaces.

Earthy material palette

The residence exudes a unique character through its earthy tones. Rat-trap bond is used for the brick masonry, which helps in reducing the heat as well as optimizes savings in cost. 

The material palette is a combination of Kota stone, reclaimed wood, exposed concrete and brick, which helps in creating a rustic, yet refined ambience. Custom-designed mild steel grills are strategically placed to ensure visual privacy in certain areas. 

The landscaping in the courtyards and external areas is of predominantly tropical, low-maintenance species, creating a lush tropical feel inside the spaces. Furthermore, solar panels and a rainwater harvesting system have been incorporated as sustainable solutions for saving energy and resources.  

Project Details

Project Name: HAVEN 
Architecture Firm: VSP Architects
Firm Location: Kozhikode, Kerala, India
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 2600 SQFT
Project Location: Kochi, India
Program / Use / Building Function: Residence 
Lead Architects: Vipin Prabhu, Sruthi Bijunath
Photo Credits: Turtle Arts Photography        

About the firm

VSP Architects, a collaborative architectural design firm founded by architects Vipin, Shruthi and Praveen. The firm likes to serve the community with its expertise in the field of architecture.


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