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Aptly named The Mirrors of Zlín, this multimedia exhibition in the chateau park of the Czech Republic reflects 700 years of Zlíns history.

Aptly named The Mirrors of Zlín, this multimedia exhibition in the chateau park of the Czech Republic reflects 700 years of Zlín's history. It contains three multimedia installations, each carrying the visitor on an immersive ride to the history of the city. The team has shared more details about the project with SURFACES REPORTER (SR). Read on: 

First Part- Encyclopedia

The first part of the exhibition works with the writer Pavel Kosatik's distinctive view of the development of the city and its surroundings, which they have supplemented and glossed with drawings. This created an intergenerational dialogue between text and image, which further influences the other elements of the exhibition.

This part is called an Encyclopaedia, which is a simple wooden wall with a circular ground plan with a total length of about 40 m and a height of 3 m. Its shape adapts to the existing trees – it gives way to the eaves line of their crowns, giving the wall a dynamic form.

The outer shell is made of a mirror-polished steel sheet, and the inner surface of waterproof plywood serves as a surface for the artistic representation of 700 years of Zlín's history.

Second Part- Immerse

The section called Imerse is essentially a simple summer cinema that shows an immersive film, a sequence of painted images that take visitors back to past moments of Zlín in different times, seasons and light.

The projection surface is similar in design to the Encyclopedia – the waterproof plywood skeleton is lined on both sides with plywood panels, and the inner side facing the Encyclopedia is mirrored polished steel sheet. This creates an interesting optical theatre for the audience between the two mirrored surfaces - one flat and the other rounded.

Third Part- Statements

The last element and highlight of the exhibition consist of a group of mirrors placed on the lawn between the trees, evoking rain puddles. Even their construction is designed to be lightweight, and non-invasive. The base is designed on earth screws that anchor the Statements against being moved and toppled over. A simple thermal and moisture-insulated enclosure for the equipment will be placed above the ground surface. The "level" itself is designed as a thin plate with a polished stainless steel sheet surface. 

The individual elements are varied in shape and size - like real rain puddles. Inside each element, there is a speaker and lighting technology. The elements are interconnected and synchronised into an immersive installation.

After dawn, it will resound with a polyphony of voices of real and fictional characters from different times and backgrounds. At dusk, it reveals a sound composition that is a celebration of cyclical time, the changing seasons and the moments of the equinox and solstice. 

The musical compositions are based on recordings from seventeen bell towers in the Zlín region. Each month of the year the voice of a different bell sounds through the park. The sound level is supported by moving light, which is a playful alternative to the night lighting of the park.

The Mirrors of Zlín exist in this place, at this time, and also hold the promise of the future renewal of Zlín Castle and Park.

About studio

Loom on the Moon is a creative studio with an exceptional multidisciplinary team. They experiment with the story of the space and space of the story. They believe that an unforgettable experience can only be created with passion, intelligence and personal commitment. The firm offers a wide range of services, particularly in public buildings, cultural projects, exhibitions, installations and multimedia experiences in sound, movement and light.

Project Details

Studio: Loom on the Moon
Author: Lenka Hejlová, Martin Hejl, Jan Nálepa
Studio: Czech Republic
Design team: Natália Kanová, Milan Martinec, Long Phi Trieu, Petr Janák, Vojtech Šálek, Petr Prouza, Pavel Kosatík, Katerina Šípková, Alexey Klyuykov, Michal Rataj, Matouš Hejl
Project location: Sad Svobody, Soudní 1, 760 01 Zlín, Czech Republic
Completion year: 2022
Plot size: 36 000 m²
Client: Statutory City of Zlín
Photographer: BoysPlayNice


Production: byPINK
Graphics: superlative. works
Construction: AVT Group

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