A Luxurious And Safe Kids + Pets Friendly 5 BHK Home in Rajkot | I Dream Design Studio

A Luxurious And Safe Kids + Pets Friendly 5 BHK Home in Rajkot | I Dream Design Studio

Creating a gorgeous home that will stand up to young kids and pets while still reflecting your personal style requires thoughtful planning. When creating a layout for kids + pets, the designer needs to take into consideration several things such as safe & breakable-free walkways, better management of messes plus areas that encourage fun, exploration & engagement with others. Darshita Joshi, Principal Designer of I Dream Design Studio kept these points in mind while designing this luxe minimalist 5 BHK residence in Rajkot for a family with kids and a furry friend. Dive in to get more details of this beautiful, pet-friendly abode shared with us by the designer herself:

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"Keeping kids and elders in mind all the furniture edges are round and beds are cladded with fabric. Pets in their house are really well trained and participate in various dog competitions so we do not have to take any additional care keeping pets in mind. and they majorly remain in their factory premises. We have been just asked to keep 25' x 25' vacant for the pets and no other requirements for them," shares Darshita.

The residence is designed for a family of 7 members. A young couple, their 5-year-old son, 2-year-old daughter, their parents and grandmother. The client is a renowned industrialist and also serves on the board of trustees of one of the renowned banks.

Client's Brief

The client is a businessman who owns a textile business in rajkot. He wanted an opulent design that would make his abode unique and distinguished amongst the other residents. They asked for a spacious, maintenance free abode which they can enjoy over a period of time.

Minimal Contemporary Aesthetics

Located on 1st floor of an apartment in Rajkot, this 4700 sq ft residence has minimal contemporary aesthetics with a closer view and feel of a well-designed building landscape. "We always aim for spaces which can breathe and which can enhance the luxury of space," says, Darshita

To match their social status and keeping frequent footfall of guests in mind, the firm created an elegant, sophisticated, luxurious abode featuring modern contemporary design language. The apartment features clean lines, textures, minimal furniture, customized door handles, a balancing colour palette, modern elements, soft lighting, multipurpose seating and indigenous art according to modern contemporary and minimalist themes.

Colours and Material Palette

The house features a color palette of black , rich veneer , and shades of beige. Additional colors have been added in furniture and in the form of fabric to provide versatility and a fresh look to the interiors. fulfilling clients brief, we have added richness in every element in terms of materials. Beds are claded with lush fabrics and rest of the furniture is high quality contemporary pieces with a blend of rich veneer, glossy back painted glass and lush fabric.

Common Single Space

You are greeted by the well-designed foyer which takes you to a common single space consisting of living, dining, kitchen, formal living, and two verandas from which one verandah they wanted to dedicate for their pets. They wanted to keep 25 ft x 25 ft of veranda space vacant for their– exotic birds and dogs. Rooms are situated peripherally to common spaces.

The living room consists of the language of classy, sophisticated and contemporary. Bold stroke of wooden ceiling, colour play of black and rich veneer and nearly invisible focus lights, classy art pieces and clean furniture lend richness to the space.

North veranda of this apartment has views of the building’s beautiful landscape which automatically adds the feel of outdoor space. Stone clad wall, planter walls, free-standing water body helps to unwind and relax.

Role of Lighting

The house is well lit with dimmable and automated indirect and soft lighting bringing in warmth to the interiors.  Nearly invisible perdue lights of focus brand have been used to create mystery about the source of light and keeping the ceiling clean . Addition to that statement pendant lights have been used to create an impactful look. The whole house works on crestron automation which gives the freedom of creating moods and intensity of lights according to the need of the scene.


A well-balanced master bedroom is designed to provide a tranquil and luxurious feel.

The room showcases custom furniture and plush furnishings which make the room look opulent. A neutral palette, back-painted glass panelling, and beautiful pendant lights lend charm to the space.

Keeping the age of kids and their love for pets in mind, kids' room is designed to add playfulness.

Colourful climbing stones, portraits of dogs in art, a swing, beautiful pendant lights, and brick texture are some of the perks to enhance the playfulness of kids' room.

Designer's Favourite Part

"We always aim for the spaces which can breathe and which can enhance the luxury of space. The client fully supported and believed in our vision by giving all the freedom to shape up their dream home. Their full support and freedom was the best part of the project, concludes Darshita.

About the Firm:

IDream Design Studio is a design lab based in Rajkot. The firm is specialized in designing transformative residential, corporate and other spaces that work in synchronicity with their surroundings.

Project Details

Principal Designer: ID  Darshita Joshi
Design Firm: I Dream Design Studio
Design Team: ID Anjali Parmar
Photo Courtesy: Prachi Khasgiwala
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