The Evolution of Kitchen Faucets | New Age Kitchen Faucets | SR Story

The Evolution of Kitchen Faucets | New Age Kitchen Faucets | SR Story

Kitchen faucets have undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from basic metal fixtures to a harmonious blend of style and cutting-edge technology. SURFACES REPORTER® (SR) engages with brands and designers to forecast the upcoming kitchen faucet trends in 2024 and understand how they are set to revolutionize kitchens, making them not only user-friendly and irresistibly stylish. As you continue reading, uncover valuable insights from industry leaders, architects and designers.


In terms of size and scale faucets may be smaller components but the impact they have in bath and kitchen spaces is tremendous. In the world of high-end design, luxury kitchen faucets play a pivotal role. Designed using finest materials such as solid brass, stainless steel, and even precious metals like gold or platinum, these faucets feature finishes that range from polished chrome and brushed nickel to antique bronze. New age luxury faucets also incorporate cutting-edge technology and features like touchless operation and smart water-conservation.

Gaurav Malhotra, MD, Hansgrohe, says, "Hansgrohe offers to its customers clever kitchen faucets in a chic design that make working in the kitchen easier. Mentioning a few smart features that the users can avail with hansgrohe kitchen faucets: 

1. Quick On and Off Via Select Button 

2. Additional freedom of movement through a pull-out spray, swivel range up to 360 degrees 

3. Additional shower spray, all just using one hand 

4. The version with 2 Spray Select makes work easier thanks to one-handed operation: stop the water flow, start it again, and change the spray mode – all while your other hand remains free. 

5. With a variety of designs – from modern minimalist to classically curved – there are almost no limits to your kitchen design. 

Wall-mounted kitchen faucets as well as flip-over faucets for installation in front of or under windows are also part of our repertoire. Long, flat single-lever handles in characteristic designs ensure ergonomic operation,"

Faucet Trends and Customization Significance

Pioneering the Techno-Chic Frontier, renowned brands such as Grohe, Brizo, Hansgrohe, American Standard, Delta, Kohler, Moen, Jaquar, Carysil, Cera, Hindware, and Parryware spearhead the revolution in kitchen faucets. Their diverse offerings, equipped with cutting-edge features, address the modern-day needs. 

Chris Wilson from Brizo emphasizes the unique technological features setting their modern kitchen faucets apart: 

1. VoiceIQ™ Technology: Enables voice activation for faucet commands, such as turning on/off, warming water, or dispensing a precise amount. 

2. SmartTouch® Technology: Activates water flow with a simple touch to the faucet body, spout, or handle. 

3. Integrated TempID® Technology: Indicates water temperature changes with an LED light, enhancing user awareness. 

4. Magnedock® Technology: State-of-the-art magnetic docking system for a clean, seamless look. 

5. Touch-Clean® Nozzles: Wipe away mineral deposits effortlessly with a finger swipe. 

6. Diamond Seal® Technology: A diamond-coated valve ensures durability, lasting up to 5 million uses—10 times longer than the industry standard

Embracing innovation, these faucets go beyond traditional functionality. Touchless Activation, with motion-sensor technology, lends an air of sophistication. Smart Water Control, monitoring temperature and flow, not only enhances user experience but also champions water conservation. Home Automation Integration, turning futuristic dreams into reality, enables control through voice commands or smartphones. On-demand Water Filtration, Chromatherapy, and Music-Enabled features further elevate these faucets, transforming kitchen routines into delightful, multi-sensory experiences.

While designers have a multitude of faucet options at their disposal, it becomes extremely important to make a selection after considering the overall design scenario. Emphasizing the importance of customization in achieving a functional balance, Id. Megha Patel-Vadodaria, Principal Designer at PVDRS says “At PVDRS, we integrate customization, such as in double or two-and-a-half-bowl sinks, addressing specific functions like washing and drinking. This not only promotes water conservation through combined supplies but also emphasizes efficient water management. The trend toward features like pull-out or multi-flow reflects a growing openness among clients, particularly noticeable in commercial kitchens where innovation thrives due to heightened demand in hospitality and institutional settings.”

Jason Wu for Brizo| Polished Nickel SmartTouch Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet

Faucets in Vogue

Innovating the realm of kitchen faucets, prominent brands are introducing cutting-edge designs that seamlessly blend technology and functionality. The Jason Wu for Brizo™ Kitchen Faucet stands out for its compatibility with popular voice assistants, providing users the ability to precisely control water dispensing at their preferred temperature. Meanwhile, the KOHLER Malleco Touchless Pull Down Kitchen Faucet boasts Response technology, Sweep spray, DockNetik magnetic docking system, and ProMotion® technology, ensuring heightened efficiency and user comfort. These innovations redefine the modern kitchen experience, combining aesthetics and smart technology for unparalleled functionality.

Elucidating on the selection and use of new age faucets with smart features Ar. Karan Desai, Founder and Architect of Karan Desai Studio Architecture + Design advises “Opt for sleek, matte-finished low-neck or pull-down designs with voice activation and motion-sensing for a modern look. Alternatively, embrace an antique vibe with industrial gold or wall-mounted brass finish faucets,” he adds “choosing the right faucet enhances the overall sophistication and upscale ambiance in kitchens.”

Abhishek Chadha, CEO of The KariGhars, highlights the firm's use of luxury kitchen faucets to enhance design and functionality in high-end spaces. Featured favorites include:

1. Kohler Purist Pull-Down Faucet:Timeless elegance meets functionality with Kohler Purist. Streamlined design, customizable finishes like chrome and stainless steel, and a magnetic docking system make kitchen tasks effortless.
2. Fima Carlo Frattini’s Touchless Faucet:Fima's touchless faucets, recognized for hygienic operation, seamlessly detect motion, offering a refined, convenient experience in modern kitchens.

3. Grohe Concetto Professional Faucet: Grohe Concetto Professional impresses with powerful features, a high-arc spout, pull-down spray, and solid brass construction with a StarLight chrome finish, ensuring enduring beauty.

Materiality and Finishes – Trends for 2024 

In the ongoing year, the inclination towards a diverse range of metal finishes for kitchen sink faucets has gained momentum, and this trend is anticipated to persist into 2024. Nickel finishes, available in both smooth and brushed variations, are poised to maintain their stylish allure, effortlessly harmonizing with stainless steel appliances and a variety of cabinet colors. The enduring popularity of stainless steel, known for its easy maintenance and antibacterial properties, is expected to make it a prime choice in 2024. Shiny chrome stainless steel, despite a slightly higher cost, contributes a touch of sophistication to homes. The array of finish options includes high-gloss, satin, antique brass, gold deck plate, copper, oil-rubbed bronze, and decorator colors like red, white, black, and gray. Polished and brushed chrome, along with the timeless chrome and modern matte black, offer a broad spectrum of choices for consumers.  

Id. Sarah Sham, Principal Designer, Essajees Atelier says “When it comes to faucet selection, chrome finishes and chrome plated faucets are gaining popularity. Even brushed finishes are starting to do well. Smart faucets are also in high demand, as they offer convenience and advanced features. Having said that it is always necessary to look at the overall colour scheme of the kitchen before making a final selection. Likewise, it is equally important to ensure that the faucet in question is robust and sturdy.” “In terms of colors antique brass faucets with classic detailing on the handles and sleek black faucets with contemporary lines are currently dominating the market,” says Anjali Shah, Founder and Creative Director of The Kitchen Artisan, “in India, pot fillers are still in their early stages, but it’s only a matter of time before this highly functional product becomes a must-have rather than just a trendy accessory.”

Brands too have been responsive to the market needs Ziggy Kulig , President & CEO, GRAFF says “GRAFF provides an extensive range of high-end design and finish options for our fixtures, Our faucets are available in 26 handcrafted finishes, including precious metals like Polished Rose Gold PVD® and diverse options such as Architectural White and Matte Black.”

Priyanka Singh, Founder & Studio Head at Chalk Studio, emphasizes the importance of consistency in finish and style for a cohesive appearance. “While it's critical to ensure consistency for a cohesive look, a little contrast can be visually striking. For example, pairing a matte black faucet with stainless steel hardware adds a touch of refinement. Minimalist yet targeted lighting can maintain balance in areas like bathrooms and kitchens.”

Designing the Perfect Kitchen:

Faucet & Fixture Co-Ordination

Id. Bindi Shah, Partner, RplusR Architects opines “For kitchen faucets, people often choose a matte finish in a color that matches the cabinets or the overall kitchen style. The popular trend is to use colors that blend well with the kitchen platform or surroundings. So, if the kitchen has a gray platform, the faucet color would be in a similar shade.”

Achieving a harmonious balance between faucets and fixtures is also essential, and the key lies in ensuring that faucets seamlessly complement sinks, lighting, and cabinet hardware, focusing on color coordination, material selection, and overall design cohesion. Id. Vinithra Amarnathan, Founder and Principal Designer, Weespaces says “Faucets in metal finishes can easily be matched with kitchen hardware like knobs and handles as well as the lighting in the kitchen. Similarly with quartz faucets it becomes easy to match the sink and the faucets to create a seamless look.”

“When selecting a faucet, we take into consideration climatic and geographical aspects. Basically, we select a faucet on a variety of its styles, materials and functions to choose from, and including the newest technologies to ensure long-lasting functionality to provide a hygienic environment,” shares Manuraj CR, Principal Architect and Founder, i2a architects

We incorporate several smart features into our kitchen faucets and spouts design, enhancing the efficiency of daily tasks in various ways. For Instance: 

1. Two-Function Pull-Down Sprayhead: Seamlessly switch between stream and Sweep spray, optimizing tasks like dish cleaning. Aerate and Ring Shower options add versatility. 

2. DockNetik Magnetic Docking System: Ensures smooth glide and secure locking of the sprayhead, enhancing user convenience and overall functionality. 

3. ProMotion® Technology: Incorporates a light, quiet nylon hose and ball joint in the pull-out sprayhead, enhancing user comfort. 

4. MasterClean™ Sprayface: Resists mineral buildup, ideal for regions with hard water, ensuring faucet longevity and optimal performance. 

5. High-Arch Swivel Spout and 360-Degree Rotation: Provides superior clearance for various tasks, contributing to overall efficiency in daily kitchen activities.

Designers consider an array of unique solutions to create a personalized and distinctive kitchen space. For a modern and contemporary kitchen, high-arc or pull-down faucets with chrome or brushed nickel finishes, coupled with touchless or motion-sensor features, bring a sleek and futuristic touch.

In the realm of classic and elegant styles, timeless designs featuring bridge or two-handle faucets in oil-rubbed bronze, polished nickel, or brass finishes, alongside ornate cabinet hardware and traditional materials, create an atmosphere of sophistication. For warm and rustic ambiance, farmhouse-style faucets in antique or oil-rubbed bronze finishes, paired with wrought iron or oil-rubbed bronze hardware and rustic elements, offer a cozy country-inspired kitchen. Transitional design seamlessly merges modern and traditional styles, recommending versatile, single-handle faucets with brushed nickel or chrome finishes and a mix-and-match approach for a balanced look. 

The Era of Eco-Friendly Faucet Solutions

In a world where environmental awareness takes center stage, faucets are undergoing a sustainable transformation by integrating water-saving technologies. Enter aerators, a game-changer that blends air with the water stream, significantly reducing overall water consumption without compromising performance. Adding to the eco-conscious movement, some faucets now boast sensors that intuitively shut off the water flow when not in use, championing the cause of water conservation. In this segment there are quite a few interesting products to choose from.

Segovia Kitchen Collection by Graff

The Hansgrohe Aquno Select M81 collection offers an all-in-one concept for efficient water use, featuring three jet types to cater to various activities. With the Select push button, users can effortlessly switch between a clear laminar spray and a voluminous shower spray. The GROHE Blue Home Duo Kitchen Faucet takes sustainability a step further by integrating water filtration systems, promoting the reduction of single-use plastic water bottles. Lastly, the Kohler Atom Pull Down Kitchen Tap, this elegant faucet is crafted from durable brass and features a polished chrome surface, providing both durability and a sleek appearance. Additionally, this faucet is designed to be water-saving, promoting sustainable water usage.

KOHLER Malleco Touchless Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

With such eco-friendly options, homeowners can embrace sustainability without compromising on style or functionality.

The Road Ahead

The evolution of kitchen faucets has been nothing short of remarkable. From basic metal fixtures to sophisticated design statements, these essential elements of the culinary space have undergone a transformation that reflects changing styles, technological advancements, and a growing emphasis on sustainability. As we look towards the future, it is clear that faucets will continue to push the boundaries of design, offering homeowners not just functionality, but also a personalized and immersive kitchen experience. With their ability to enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space, kitchen faucets have truly become an integral and captivating part of modern kitchens.

This story has been featured in the November-December 2024 edition of SURFACES REPORTER. Read the complete issue here:


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