Red Pigmented Concrete Facade Adorns BIG’s Latest EPIQ Skyscraper in Quito | Ecuador

Red Pigmented Concrete Facade Adorns BIG’s Latest EPIQ Skyscraper in Quito | Ecuador

Danish architecture powerhouse BIG has recently put the finishing touches on the remarkable EPIQ tower in Ecuador, a collaborative effort with Quito-based developers Uribe Schwarzkopf. The skyscraper features L-shaped stacked blocks that seamlessly converge at the structure's core.

Situated adjacent to Quito's vibrant La Carolina Park, this 24-storey architectural wonder stands proudly at a corner intersection, strategically placed opposite a metro entrance for optimal accessibility.

The EPIQ tower's distinctive design is characterized by stacked blocks that intricately interlock, forming what BIG aptly describes as "buildings within a building." This unique configuration not only creates a visually striking aesthetic but also offers panoramic views and outdoor terraces at the intersections of these stacked volumes.

Red Pigmented Concrete Facade

The skyscraper's facade, crafted from pigmented concrete, pays homage to Quito's rich architectural heritage, drawing inspiration from the city's iconic cathedrals and colonial buildings.

This material choice not only adds to the building's visual appeal but also serves functional purposes, with convex glazing inserted between the concrete elements to provide residents with private patios.

Nature-Focused Design Elements and Sustainability

In keeping with BIG's commitment to green space, the EPIQ tower incorporates outdoor terraces and green walls, seamlessly integrating nature into its vertical design.

This focus on sustainability extends to the building's interior, where amenities such as a green-tiled spa and communal spaces adorned with wooden flooring promote a sense of well-being among residents.

From a distance, the EPIQ tower presents a unified silhouette, but upon closer inspection, it reveals itself as a series of individual volumes, each clad in a distinct shade of red cement tiles. This intentional design choice adds depth and texture to the building, creating a dynamic visual experience for passersby.

With its completion, the EPIQ tower stands not only as a symbol of architectural prowess but also as a beacon of urban innovation in the heart of Quito. As BIG continues to push the boundaries of design, this collaboration with Uribe Schwarzkopf marks another milestone in the firm's legacy of reimagining the possibilities of urban living.


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