Concrete, Glass, and Brick Lattice Screens Define the Exterior of This Nursing College in Surat | Neogenesis+Studi0261

Concrete, Glass, and Brick Lattice Screens Define the Exterior of This Nursing College in Surat | Neogenesis+Studi0261

The Nursing College Ashaktashram, designed by Neogenesis+Studi0261, sports a sleek exterior featuring concrete, glass, and brick lattice screens that manage sunlight and airflow while ensuring privacy and security. Inside, common areas boast Cera grey flooring, while labs on the second floor showcase kota flooring. The architects have shared more details about the project with SURFACES REPORTER (SR):

Situated within Surat's Asakta Ashram Trust campus, the college serves as an expansion of existing facilities, aiming to cultivate skilled nursing professionals in a vibrant educational setting. 

Its layout is carefully planned to meet the needs of students and staff, fostering a conducive environment for learning and collaboration.

Integrated Design

The ground floor houses an auditorium cum a multifunctional hall that meets the unique needs for different kinds of gatherings. It is accessible from both, inside and outside the main building and hence does not disturb the regular working of the college. Tiered seating arrangement has been considered for better visibility with adequate space for comfort and accessibility. The first floor hosts all the administrative and teaching staff with a double heighted reception area. 

The second floor has classrooms and advanced lab, with the passageway overlooking the first-floor reception area on one side and a double heighted landscape area on the other side. The library and the computer lab on the third floor have an open reading area with a skylight above. All the floors are connected to the old existing building through ramps and passages. These manifold connections ensure adequate circulation space to accommodate the flow of the students and staff throughout and in between the two buildings.

Exposed Concrete, Brick Lattice and Glass Facade

The building's design features exposed concrete, glass, and brick lattice on the exteriors. Th The interwoven brick lattice gives a contemporary appeal forming a screen, allowing light, view and air to pass through while providing privacy and security. Climatically, it works wonders; it reduces the heat gain from the west face of the building while the glazing on the north face has been kept exposed to grasp the mild sunlight while illuminating the interiors. 

Planter spaces have been added to break the monotony of the façade and generate a sense of lightness while creating an expression to make the building come alive as the green rug partly cases the built. The overall arrangement makes an attempt to enhance the experience, make a conducive environment and harmoniously blend with the existing building.

Interior Material Palette

The interior palette features Cera grey flooring in common areas and kota flooring in second-floor labs. Teak wood and grey laminate accents add character, reflecting the designers' dedication to creating a warm environment. Materials are chosen for durability and low maintenance, ensuring longevity.

The landscaped outdoors, planter spaces, interior finishes, and artwork create a welcoming atmosphere. Artwork on the common wall adds vibrancy to the environment. Overall, the institute combines functionality with artistic expression, becoming a timeless architectural piece.

Project Details

Office Name: NEOGENESIS+STUDI0261 
Site Area (m2/ ft 2): 21,104 Sqft 
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft 2): 41,883 Sqft 
Project Location: Surat, Gujarat 
Design and Execution: Ar. Juby Thomas, Ar. Nilufer Contractor, Ar. Manthan Yadav 
Lead Architects: Ar. Chinmay Laiwala , Ar. Jigar Asarawala, Ar. Tarika Asarawala 
Site Engineer: Er. Ronak Khambhadiya

Other participants 

Structural engineer: MKS Consultants 
Contractor: Riva Contructions & Consultancy 
HVAC Consultant: Sagar Refrigeration 
Window Vendor: Shreeji Enterprise- Ashwin Bhai 
Furniture: Jashraj Suthar 
Flooring: Hari Bhai Yadav 
Exposed Brick: Radha krishna Brick 
Artwork: Yatin Bhandari (Local Vendor) 
Landscape Design: Neogenesis + studi0261

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