Graphic Concrete enables industrially produced inspirational building facade

Graphic Concrete Ltd. manufactures and sells an innovative product known as graphic concrete which is a patented technology created by Samuli Naamanka that enables images to be transferred to concrete, bringing a sense of softness to the hard surface.

Graphic Concrete Ltd. manufactures and sells an innovative product known as graphic concrete which is a patented technology created by Samuli Naamanka that enables images to be transferred to concrete, bringing a sense of softness to the hard surface. The inspiration was to create a truly industrial product for large-scale surfaces – a tool with which architects could be more visually creative.

The end product is a membrane used in the prefabrication process of concrete. The desired image is printed on the membrane with a surface retarder, after which the membrane is sent to the local concrete prefabrication company. Concrete is cast on the membrane and when the retarder is washed away the image is revealed. The image results from the contrast between the fair face and the exposed aggregate surface.

Concrete is cast on top of the membrane and the retarder slows the setting (hardening) of the concrete in the selected areas. The unset, softer concrete surface is high pressure washed, revealing the fine aggregate finish.The very first graphic concrete panel in India, is made by KEF Infrastructure India, as per their recent tweet along with an application image.

Graphic Concrete

Application: Graphic concrete™ enables durable patterns and images to be produced on prefabricated concrete surfaces such as facades, walls and pavement slabs. It is a real industrial .

Chapel that used Graphic concrete won Surface Design Awards at London

The Ospedale Giovanni XXIII Chapel designed by Traversi + Traversi Architetti and Aymeric Zublena has won not only the category Public Building Interior Surface but also the Supreme Award, the highest recognition, at the Surface Design Awardsheld in London this year.

Construction of this exceptionally beautiful chapel in Bergamo, Italy, was completed last summer. The interior features precast concrete panels with a GCArt&Design™ pattern. The contemporary church makes a strong architectural statement while creating a peaceful space for prayer and contemplation. The minimalist interior features light wood and warm white precast concrete walls with the GCArt&Design™ pattern. Designer of the pattern, Stefano Arienti took his inspiration from the Garden of Eden, as reflected by the flowers, plants and shrubs that are repeated in the pattern. The floral imagery was realised using delicate rasterised images and a dedicated concrete mix-design, creating an overall impression that is light, airy and calm. The natural light that enters the chapel through round openings in the walls and in the ceiling completes the breathtakingly beautiful effect.

“Graphic concrete was an excellent choice in terms of both the theme and visual appearance of the building, as well as from the artistic and economic perspective. The creationof this unique building required precise image processing,rasterising, manufacturing and installation of the largepanels ,” comments Ivo Allas , Design Director of the Styl-Comp Group , which was responsible for the precast concrete engineering and production.

Graphic Concrete

“From a designer’s perspective,it has been wonderful to see the look of surprise and delight on the faces of passersby when they notice the new look of the Semba Center Building. Ishimoto’s architects have also told us that the textile merchants themselves are very happy with the end result, and some of the construction workers have even asked them for their autographs.” Samuli Naamanka


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