Alex Panels, (Punjab Plywood Industries)

Dehradun , Uttarakhand , India

Alex Aluminium Composite Panels is a flagship of Punjab Plywood Industries that also distributes and manufactures quality plywood with the brand name Black Cobra in the Indian market. The company has their plywood manufacturing plants set up in Yamunanagar, Sangrur and Gandhinagar.

Alex aluminium Composite Panels have worked each day to find a solution for exterior cladding instead and removed the use of steel or metal for any cladding purpose. They have worked with great professionals like Architects and Designers of the Industry for this purpose. 

    Company/Group Punjab Plywood Industries
    Nature Of Business ACP
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    Contact No/Mobile Request Callback
    Address 999,Central Hope Town, Jamanpur Road Selaqui Industrial Region
    City Dehradun
    State Uttarakhand

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