Indigo Paints, (Indigo Paints)

Pune , Maharashtra , India

Indigo Paints had started out as the manufacture of lower-end Cement paints in the year 2000. With time, the company expanded and now it covers most segments of water-based paints like Exterior Emulsions, Interior Emulsions, Distempers, Primers, etc.

From the beginning itself, the Company started spreading across the country. Being rated as an innovative paint manufacturer, Indigo Paints stands out as one of the strongest contenders in the Indian paint industry that has footprints across India and that keeps making unique products to offer its customers that have never been offered before.

With time, the Company found its opportunity in the paint industry through innovation and provided to its customers with new ideas for painting solutions. Over time, the industry looked upon the Indigo Paints as a futuristic thinker and a storehouse of innovative product developer.

With changine trends and new innovations, Indigo Paints upgraded and started showcasing a new way of thinking by the Company. A few years ago, the company merged all of its brands for different product categories into a single brand “INDIGO”. A new logo for the brand and the Company was then created which was later extended to all packaging design and other forms of corporate communication.

    Company/Group Indigo Paints
    Nature Of Business Paints & Finishes
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    Address Indigo Paints Limited, Street 5, Pallod Farms II, Baner, Pune – 411 045, Maharashtra
    City Pune
    State Maharashtra

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