SICIS, (Sic Immensos Clarosque Inceptos Somniavi)

New Delhi, Delhi , New Delhi, Delhi , India

SICIS(Sic Immensos Clarosque Inceptos Somniavi) was founded in 1987 in Cannuzzo di Cervia, Ravenna by Maurizio Leo Placuzzi. Earlier, the company used to deal in marble floors, made with the traditional techniques of Roman mosaic. 

Today, SICIS deals in all kinds of interior surfaces from furniture, lightings, fabrics and all kinds of surfaces that joins the others to create a harmonious and complete environment. The brand is headquartered in Ravenna with branches and other offices in Italy. 

SICIS deals in all kinds of mosaic floor and wal solutions, made with craftsmen using traditional methods with modern technology and innovation. 


    Company/Group Sic Immensos Clarosque Inceptos Somniavi
    Nature Of Business Stones & Marble, Tiles, Surfaces, wallpaper
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    Address Unit No. 356, Metro Station, 357, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd, next to Sultanpur, Gadaipur, Sultanpur, New Delhi, Delhi
    City New Delhi, Delhi
    State New Delhi, Delhi

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