Virgo ACP, (Virgo Group)

New Delhi , New Delhi , India

The Virgo Group with more than two decades of experience manufactures a wide range of products including plywood, boards, laminates, panels, ACP, PVC etc. The Virgo ALFA being a part of the conglomerate is a high-quality advance aluminium composite panel. It caters to a wide range of colours & surface choices giving timeless beauty to the buildings through the construction of roof, signage and interior applications.

With a team size of over 3000 employees all across India, Virgo works towards the objective to meet the innovation and challenges in the industry with excellence. Long before the the current era, demanding eco-friendly practices, the Virgo Group had started with its environment-friendly initiatives.

Virgo Group has launched premium quality ACP products by the name of Virgo ACP. It is a high-quality aluminium composite panel and provides a rich array of colours and surface choices. The panels are coated with PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride), which is especially resistant to solvents, acids, and heat. With the Anti-Fading Technology (AFT), the aluminium panels are weatherproof and keep its initial colour without fading off due to sun-water exposure. They also effectively provide heat insulation, fire resistance, and sound reduction properties.


    Company/Group Virgo Group
    Nature Of Business Surfaces, Wood & Panels
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    Address D-117, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-1
    City New Delhi
    State New Delhi

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