Rhinoxindia, (Rhinox)

Gurugram , Haryana , India

Rhinox USA! A well-known brand in India, USA & now Worldwide. Managing all its operational activities from Washington & considered to be the world's leading system provider in this segment. The brand is known for developing products that provide sustainable and smart plumbing solutions. Though there are lots of international brands in India that provide stainless steel plumbing. But when it comes to technology, Rhinox beat other brands with leaps & bound. Rhinox’s every product is designed to give more efficiency, health & safety, better performance & can be customized according to one’s needs & requirements. Rhinox is a brand that provides sustainable, reliable & economical plumbing solutions with 24/7 technical support & delivers quality at your doorsteps wherever you may be living.

    Company/Group Rhinox
    Nature Of Business Surfaces
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    Address India Office: 524, Phase-5, Udyog Vihar, Sector-19
    City Gurugram
    State Haryana

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