Knauf Ceiling Solutions, (Knauf Ceilings Holding GmbH)

Iphofen , Germany , India

Knauf Ceiling Solutions offers its customers a great diversity and possibilities along with its harmonized products portfolio. An innovator in sustainable design and functionality, the company provides solutions that enable architects, planners, distributors and contractors experience more choice, more inspiration and more support.

The customers of the company are the ones who create the perfect space using their products. The company provides the best global customer service with personal contact partners, on-site support, efficient online tools and digital processes with a promise of an open dialogue and offering the utmost transparency, They strive to inspire their customers, offer them ideas and help them turn their exciting ideas into reality.

They offer multi-material providers with proven product brands into four categories: Mineral Solutions, Metal Solutions, Wood & Woodwool Solutions and System Solutions.

The sustainability of the brand is emphasized by certifications, energy-efficient production and zero-waste processes. They have the utmost responsibility for the environment, as well as for their actions towards the wellbeing of their customers and employees. By embodying the best of two worlds and building on their long-standing experience, Knauf Ceiling Solutions is setting the standard for safety, comfort, efficiency and performance.

    Company/Group Knauf Ceilings Holding GmbH
    Nature Of Business Hardware & Fixtures
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    Contact No/Mobile Request Callback
    Address Knauf Gips KG Am Bahnhof 7 97346
    City Iphofen
    State Germany

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