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SHERA is one of the leading manufacturers of fiber cement, siging and roofing and concrete roof tiles. It was established in Thailand 40 years ago. The Mahaphant Group is a sister company of SHERA which specializes in making fiber cement board, green building, SHERA door frame, SHERA ply. SHERA plank, SHERA Floor Planks, SHERA Coloured Planks, SHERA Deco Board, SHERA Infillwall, SHERA Door Frame, SHERA Roof, SHERA Light Weight Roofing, SHERA Roman, SHERA Concrete Roofing Tiles, and SHERA board. 

The products of SHERA are widely available throughout the world.  The company takes pride on being the innovators in the fiber cement industry and invest heavily in research and development. The company is responsible for design, production and distribution of numerous innovative fiber cement siding, fiber cement flooring & fiber cement roofing products, integrated building solutions and even innovative machinery used in the manufacturing process. 

SHERA also utilises the latest developments in fiber reinforced cementitious composites to create new and aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly fiber cement building products whilst causing as little damage to the environment as possible.

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    Address 18, Monis Machera Street, 3020 Limassol, Cyprus
    City cyprus
    State Thailand

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