Palladio, (Palladio)

Ahmedabad , Gujarat , India

Palladio, established in 2001 is a brand that specializes in glass mosaic designs that are available in 750+ designs in 3 sizes, 8 looks and 260+ colours. The brand Palladio is named after a renowned architect of the 15th century, Architect Andrea Palladio who believed in "Identity of Creativity". 

The brand has footprints in Far East Asia, SAARC, Middle East, Europe and American countries with an aim to serve many more countries in different parts of the world.

The manufacturing plant of Palladio is set up in a state of the art facility in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. All the glass products are made in 1400 degree celcius temprature in the furnace and they comply the Indian and international standards as well. 

Palladio manufactures its products under Make in India with the latest Italian knowhow. The company believes in creativity, innovation, inspiration, tranparency, innovation while also being passion driven. 

    Company/Group Palladio
    Nature Of Business Glass, Home Decor
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    Address 4th Floor, Samaan II, Anand Nagar Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA
    City Ahmedabad
    State Gujarat

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