Hormann, (Shakti Hormann Ltd.)

Secunderabad. , Andhra Pradesh , India

Established in 1994 in India, Hormann is a company that produces door and major building products under a single source. The company changed its name from Shakti Met-dor to Shakti-Hormann. In 2012, the company started operating as Hörmann subsidiary. 


Hormann's vision is to introduce products and services that enrich customer experiences in the residential, commercial and industrial spaces. With an underlying motto, a good reputation must be earned. Hormann continues the journey to strengthen its reputation as India’s leading door brand, built on the foundation of innovation, quality and customer fulfilment.

Hörmann has manufactured highly-specialised factories using the latest production technologies. Due to the comprehensive sales and service in Europe and its presence in America and Asia, Hörmann is a strong international partner for high-quality construction components.

As a company, Shakti Hormann not only invests in plant and machinery but also committs to invest in green energy and various corporate social responsibility that works in and around Gagillapur village.

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    Address No. 20, Sripuri Colony, Karkhana
    City Secunderabad.
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