Stonelam, (Laminam Spa)

New Delhi , New Delhi , India

Stonelam is a brand that deals in Façade solutions and manufactures thinnest and largest slabs for the same. Their work is inspired by the nature and the company aims to redefine spaces.

Stonelam has its footprints in several countries with its manufacturing unit in Delhi. The material to make slabs is sourced from Laminam Spa, Italy while the brand works with both international expertise and local intelligence and caters its high-end clients with modern aesthetics.

The cut crease designs in slabs are highly scratch resistant, fire and water resistant and also thermal proof alongside providing 25 years of color warranty on each slab.

    Company/Group Laminam Spa
    Nature Of Business Surfaces, Facade
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    Address D-176 Mansarovar Garden, Ring Road, New Delhi
    City New Delhi
    State New Delhi

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