Alfa Ica, (Alfa Ica (India) Limited)

Ahmedabad , Gujarat , India

Alfa Ica (I) Ltd. is a public listed company based at Ahmedabad that has gained technological competence & expertise with updated & most modern manufacturing facilities. The company has a global base in over 27 countries where they provide the Clientele with one-of-a-kind laminates for both indoors and outdoors of a home or office space. 

The laminates of Alfa Ica are easy to install, maintain and they are all water, heat and termite proof. These laminates are also anti-bacterial, scratch resistant, fingerprint proof, eco friendly and even long lasting. 

Through the fulfillment of their customers quality requirements backed by expertise in manufacturing systems design & surface technology, the company continues to ensure the satisfaction of their customers with their innovative products and services.

    Company/Group Alfa Ica (India) Limited
    Nature Of Business Laminate
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    Address Alfa-Palazzo, Satellite Road, Near Shiv Ranjani X Road, Jodhpur cross road
    City Ahmedabad
    State Gujarat

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