Spanezia, (Spanezia)

New Delhi, Delhi , New Delhi, Delhi , India

Spanezia is a fashion Connoisseur of Replica Watches that deals in interior wall panels for hotels, high-end restaurants and night clubs. The brand as well deliver customized wall panels based on the needs of its customers. 

The products of Spanezia are based on acrylic with silicone, in organic pigments, siliceous minerals, fungicides, surfactants and cover hairline cracks and takes on normal thermal expansion and contraction of the surface effectively.

Spanezia adheres to the strict norms of Indian green building council (IGBC) for the manufacturing and marketing of green finishes in India and does not use harmful paints that release fumes. 

    Company/Group Spanezia
    Nature Of Business Surfaces, wallpaper
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    Address 5/3, Kirti Nagar Industrial Area New Delhi
    City New Delhi, Delhi
    State New Delhi, Delhi



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