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Black Cobra Group is a distinguished pillar of Indian building materials sector since 1990. The group has over 1.5mn+ sqft of manufacturing space spread across 7 manufacturing plants that manufacture a diverse range of building materials such as plywood, shuttering, flush doors, laminates, PVC Laminates, PVC boards, ACP, etc.

Black Cobra Group has been at the forefront of building materials manufacturing. We have been known for being the frontrunners in setting up manufacturing units in India for new building materials. Since termites and humidity are a big issue in India, we first started by setting up a state of the art WPC manufacturing unit. After analyzing the initial customer response, we saw a huge gap in the PVC Laminates segment as the imported ones were of low quality but the product category had immense potential for innovation and offering something unique to customers. Thus we decided to set up a PVC laminate plant in 2017 and we haven’t looked back since.

We believe that the Indian consumer always prefers economical and durable solutions for their building materials requirements. Whenever an Indian customer constructs a new house, they want to ensure that the house lasts for the future generations too. In addition to long durability, PVC Laminates’ unique qualities of being bendable (which avoids the need of edge banding) saves cost as well as the end result is much more aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, PVC laminates are ecofriendly, termite proof and water proof which makes it a strong contender in terms of price, applications and durability.

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