Abimis, (ABIMIS)

Italy , Italy , India

Abimis is a brand based out of Italy and has been providing stainless steel kitchen solutions to restaurants and catering world for over 4 decades.

The kitchens made by Abimis are high in quality with stainless steel material, with a hard-wearing surface, made with hygiene, especially designed for luxurious kitchens. Abimis focuses on providing high-end kitchen performances in domestic kitchens that are especially seen in professional kitchens only.

Abimis took over Prisma, a Veneto-based company and has adapted its manufacturing process of stainless steel technology. The brand promises extra-thick joints, optimized spaces for gastronorm system, hubs for professional performance, impeccable solutions, and refrigerated waste containers.

The kitchens by Abimis are simple, elegant and timeless that provides its customers with hygiene and sanity with top quality cooking machines. These kitchens are highly customizable to suit the needs of the home owners. Best to say, Abimis designs Your Perfect Kitchen.

    Company/Group ABIMIS
    Nature Of Business Surfaces, Kitchen and Appliances, Modular Kitchen
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    Address PRISMA S.R.L. Via dell’industria, 4 San Polo di Piave (TV)
    City Italy
    State Italy

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