Marmo Solutions Pvt Ltd, (Marmo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

New Delhi , Delhi , India

Born in 2013, Marmo Solutions Pvt., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Adhesives and Cleaners for Marble and other stone type substances used in construction. Led by the director, Mr. Ashish Bhasin, the company is committed to bring the best products in the dedicated field with a longer polishing shine and durability.

Marmo Solutions has been awarded with ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) for its long-standing commitment towards quality and customer satisfaction. They have a list of esteemed clients of architectural professionals. The company caters an elaborated range of products including grouts, fillers, cleansers, shiners, sealers and adhesives. Other than manufacturing, Marmo also offers complete engineering support and services from the initiation to installation in the entire span of flooring and making it an ideal ambience according to the utility.

    Company/Group Marmo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    Nature Of Business Adhesives and Cleaners
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    Address WHS - 1/18, 2nd Floor, Kirti Nagar, Near Richi Rich Banquet Hall, New Delhi - 110015
    City New Delhi
    State Delhi

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