Karan, (Rastelli Design)

Casoli Atri , Teramo , India

Karan is a versatile and multifaceted model that meets different needs of homeowners like the taste, style, or housing needs. This wide catalogue of Karan by Rastelli Designs offers multiple compositions. Through varied options available to decorate or refurbish the kitchen, possibilities to design a kitchen can be endless. One can go ahead with more traditional projects, customized kitchen with modules, wall cabinets and peninsulas. The concept of Karan, especially, revolves around an open pedestal island. Just like an island, one can sit around the tapered curve and have family time. Both faucet and LED lights used in the project Karan retract into the counter creating a flush surface.

The design patterns have a multi-purpose cutting board over the sink that is also creating a solid dining space. The curves of this whole design can be seen continued on the wall unit. A separate rounded cutout has also been given to the cooking and prep area. The inset back-lit mirror that is also one of the most trendy designs for a subtle backsplash has been provided with ambient lighting LEDs. The storage unit, refrigerator, and oven can be seen hidden under C-channel opening cabinets. The whole project has used glass in both, matt or glossy finish, for doors while the use of ceramic has helped to make this model original and recognizable and even more exclusive.

    Company/Group Rastelli Design
    Nature Of Business Kitchen and Appliances, Home Decor, Modular Kitchen
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    Address Zona Industriale – Fraz. Casoli 64032 Atri (TE)
    City Casoli Atri
    State Teramo

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