The whys & hows of Aluminium Composite Panels from Mr Ashok Kumar Bhaiya, CMD, Aludecor

How Aluminium Composite Panels have evolved dramatically over the years? Let us hear it from Mr Ashok Kumar Bhaiya, CMD, Aludecor

Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) is a new-age material that’s used for building exteriors, interior applications, and signage. It is available in a wide range of colours and finishes like wood, stone, sand, 3D etc. While exploring about this unique material, #SurfacesReporter's team interacted with Mr Ashok Kumar Bhaiya, CMD, Aludecor. Aludecor is one of the most sought after brands for ACPs in India, and an engaging conversation with Mr Bhaiya enabled us to know in detail about ACPs, their benefits and unique features etc.

How do you think aluminium composite panels have evolved as a construction material in all these years?

ACP has evolved dramatically over the years. 5 years ago it used to be a material meant only for IT hubs, hospitals, malls, and office buildings. The colours or finishes were limited. There were either solid or metallic colours. Every company had almost the same set of colours. With the course of time, new finishes came into the picture, with Aludecor being the pioneer of most of them. Timber, Sand, Rustic, 3D and a host of other finishes on aluminium composite panels were launched by us. The door to new sectors and new types of applications of ACP opened. ACP started getting used in the residential sector as well – for false ceilings, modular kitchens, wall panels, and others. ACP also evolved into being the most preferred material for the signage sector. The material today is even getting used for interiors of buses and trains. 

What are your offerings in ACP? 

We have over 300 shades and 15 special series. We have the unique Sand and Rustic Series, the 3D finish ACP, Cortina, Timber series, Marble series, Pedra, Mirror Series, Brushed Series etc. We also offer zinc and copper composite panels and have A2 grade fire retardant ACP manufactured by us in-house. We also offer antibacterial ACP.

What according to you are the USPs of ACPs? 

ACP offers much more flexibility compared to HPL, stone and other materials. ACPs are borer, termite and fungi proof. They are UV and chemical resistant too. 

What are the major application areas of ACPs and why?

Façade, canopy, soffit, columns, skylight, false ceiling, modular kitchen, interior cladding, signage, totem, free-standing display, POP items etc. Ease of installation and durability are the main reasons why ACP is popular for these applications. 

How do you perceive the current market of ACPs in India? What lies in the future?

Innovation will remain the key. To stay in business, companies should be able to offer something new every year. Also, we hope more and more people would start opting for fire retardant ACP. We hope the use of FR ACP becomes mandatory in India. We have started the #BeatTheFire movement to sensitize the community on the importance of fire safety in buildings. 

What problems are cropping up with this new age material? How is your organisation combating these problems?

There’s a big problem of lack of awareness vis-à-vis the right method of installation of ACP, and also the product itself. Owing to the bad quality of installation, the product’s image takes a beating. We do many activities to increase awareness about the product and its installation. We organise several meets of fabricators and architects. We run a newsletter titled, The Adorner which serves the purpose of increasing awareness too. We also use digital space extensively to spread awareness. 

Know more about ACPs here.


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