An Architectural Marvel, Giving New Meaning to Reading

A Literary Delight Through Architecture

Located on the 3rd and 4th Floor of Zodi Plaza, Yangjiaping, the Chongqing Zhongshuge bookstore greets visitors with a simple glass facade covered with text. Once inside, scattered ‘lampshade-shaped bookshelves’ are found throughout the dark brown lobby. On one corner of the lampshade-shaped lobby is a quiet reading corridor, with bookshelves extending down the hallway. The bookshelves reflect on the ground and form a tunnel of books that beckons visitors to follow it deeper into the space and knowledge. On the other corner of the lobby are the children’s reading room, where the bookshelves are built colorful with drawn Chongqing’s landscape, buildings, and transportation.

Further down the corridor and the children’s reading room is the main study, a ‘ladder hall’ where the stair double as bookshelves and the mirrored ceiling overhead doubles the size of the already astonishing room. Up to the 4th floor from the ‘ladder hall’ is a leisure area, where visitors can enjoy the aroma of coffee or a taste of good tea and immerse themselves into a tranquil world of different stories by reading. The ‘lampshade-shaped bookshelves’ around create scattered booths in this area, in which visitors may gather with friends to have fun reading and enjoy their leisure time. 

The ‘lampshade-shaped bookshelves’ around create scattered booths in this area, in which visitors may gather with friends to have fun reading and enjoy their leisure time. 

Project Details

Name: Chongqing Zhongshuge Bookstore
Location: Chongqing, China   |   Area: 1300 m2
Design Company: X+Living    |   Creative Designer: Li Xiang
Project Director: Liu Huan      |   Photographer: Shao Feng 

LI  Xiang, Founder, X+Living, SHANGHAI, CHINA

X+Living takes design as the core concept and insists on achieving the highest quality of design works from conceptual design to final completion. The projects, which have involved many fields of business, including parent-child, hotel, office, retail, culture, commerce, etc, had always driven the trend of the industry with high-level design confections and triggered enthusiastic feedback at the phenomenal level in the design industry. Accompanied by the management and founding of Li Xiang, X+Living has become a top design team led by several experienced designers. With high expert skills and outstanding service awareness, X+Living has created a surreal experience for consumers and unexpected brand values for customers.


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