12 Insta Worthy Ultra-Comfortable Chairs

12 Instagram Worthy Ultra-Comfortable Chairs for Perfect Relaxation

Today in the age of Instagram, a click-worthy piece of furniture is all you ask for. The common mind-wrecking concern is though the comfort of the furniture. When it comes to chairs, it can make or break your days at home. So, choose wisely. With these 12 ultra-comfortable chairs you no longer need to sacrifice style for comfort and cosiness. These chairs are perfectly capable of providing the best of both worlds.

The Bird’s Nest

Modern and Wooden Armchair Design


Call it a chair or bed, this bird’s nest is sure to break your Instagram. This exudes comfort by just the look of it.

You can even put eggs of your choice into the nest. White, brown or Easter coloured—let your imaginations fly while you relax.

Modern and Wooden Armchair Design


The French-fry Chair

The name itself is quirky enough to drool over and makes it a great Instagram worthy piece.

Modern and Wooden Armchair Design

With this box of French fries, feel free to sit or sleep with ultimate comfort and look super stylish at the same time.

If the design is not enough itself, the bright colour will surely add an extra oomph to your dwelling.

Modern and Wooden Armchair Design


The Quartz Armchair

Probably the sweetest and comfiest chair is this geometrical modern Quartz Armchair by the Italian company, D3CO. The pentagonal and hexagonal cousins are removable and rearrangeable as per your choice. The mixed colour variations resemble more a wild microhabitat than an armchair.

Modern and Wooden Armchair Design

The QUARTZ is a system that couples two-dimensional pentagonal and hexagonal wooden structures, which develop in three dimensions following natural crystalloid formations.

The Joey & Chandler Chair

Modern and Wooden Armchair Design


When talking about chairs that give the ultimate relaxation, the image pops into the mind of a couch potato is probably the famous chair from the 90’s F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The characters, Joey and Chandler have set the bar for relaxation with their recliner chair set. That being said, once you tag the nostalgic show or characters, the chair will give solid hits on your Instagram as well.

Modern and Wooden Armchair Design


The Snorlax Beanbag Chair

Modern and Wooden Armchair Design


This one is for the nerds who by the way are among the cool kids of 2020. The Pokémon themed Snorlax Beanbag chain is super cute, comfy and great for naps and long cuddles (with the chair itself). After all, Snorlax is a perfect example of relaxation—eating and sleeping.

The chair is almost 4 feet tall and over 2 feet wide, making it a perfect bed for children as well.

Plush Beanbag Chair for Royal Princess

Modern and Wooden Armchair Design


The plush, furry bean bag chair in white looks something straight out of a modern fairytale. Embrace your inner royal princess with this chic piece. The material itself gives the feel of cosiness and comfort. Of course, it will look gorgeous on your Instagram wall as well.

The Cradle Chair

Modern and Wooden Armchair Design

Designed like a big basket, the Cradle originally is conceptualised by Richard Clarkson, Grace Emmanual, Kalivia Russel, Eamon Moore, Brodie Cambell, Jeremy Brooker and Joya Boerrigter.

The Cradle is a rocking chair created to achieve a calm, safe, comfortable and relaxing space. Founded on Autism and Rhythmic Movement Disorder (RMD) research, it is the perfect piece of furniture to relieve any stress.

The Ergonomic Recliner Rocker Chair

Modern and Wooden Armchair Design


Now, this is no ordinary reclined or rocking chair. The design is very ultra-modern and makes it a great addition to the contemporary minimalist homes. Apart from being super comfortable, it is very stylish and quite picture-perfect. In fact, why not use this for your office space!

Missana's Marc Venot-designed Quetzal chair

Modern and Wooden Armchair Design


Designed by the renowned French designer Marc Venot, the armchair is a very visually interactive product that can also be integrated into any space due to its colour duality.

The design is inspired by the magical Quetzal bird and the chair can be transformed into a different shade with the blink of an eye due to its 14 overlapped bicolour pillows.

Now that is something to go crazy over on Instagram!

Taliesin 1 Armchair by Frank Lloyd Wright

Modern and Wooden Armchair Design


Frank Lloyd Wright designed this armchair for the living room of his Taliesin West home and studio in Arizona back in 1949. The Taliesin 1 armchair has a complex geometric structure that ensures stability and incredibility. The vintage piece is constructed from a single piece of folded plywood. Later, during 1986 to 1990, Cassina released a re-edition of this avant-garde armchair. In its latest iteration, the chair is updated with a slightly more reclined backrest and thicker padding, upholstered in leather or fabric. The original front feet have been removed to simplify the lines of the chair's geometrical body, placing more emphasis on its folds.

However, this one gained popularity way after its invention in the Milan Design Week 2018. The design is futuristic and speaks for itself.

Exocet by Stéphane Leathead

Modern and Wooden Armchair Design


Exocet is a new kind of chair for all kinds of moments.

This is the first piece of furniture created by Stéphane Leathead, designer and creative director of Designarium.

The chair is a convertible one and has a distinguished look of unparalleled elegance. Talk about great comfort with style!

The Buckyball by Svyatoslav Zbroy

Buckyball, created by designer Svyatoslav Zbroy is a rule-breaker in nature deriving inspiration from the Fullerene molecules of Carbon. It consists of Six spheres, consisting of twelve pentagons each forming an unusual structure.

Modern and Wooden Armchair Design


The structure of Buckyball can withstand heavy loads without losing its shape. With this any application is possible—one can sit in the centre by shifting one of the spheres or even turn Buckyball and make an “island” for five people. The construction is such that can withstand dirt and damage by collision with a sharp object. Besides, it surely will look fabulous on your Instagram.

Modern and Wooden Armchair Design






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