An elegant minimalistic synchronisation of shades and materials in this hardware showroom

Wood, Concrete and Metal contrast one another in the design of the new Hardware Showroom, owned by Nimit Dhiraj Shah, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Designed by Amogh Designs, this hardware store is an epitome of minimalism. The design approach was driven by an aspiration to create an easy transition, sequential display and appealing ambience, which can comprise maximum products. The clients chose to keep the showroom raw yet alluring.

The idiosyncratic synchronization of shades and materials is the first eye-catcher while stepping onto the threshold. When you go in, you can easily notice a huge art piece, exquisitely crafted by the owner of the showroom with the help of waste or the items sold in the store, installed on the metal bars. It amplifies the elegance of the entrance area.

Hardware Showroom Design And Interiors

The Main Entrance With Reception Desk on the Right Side

On the right of the main entrance is a reception area, which perfectly reflects the theme by use of micro concreting in contrast to polished wooden bands. At the entry, circular neo mint presentation with succeeding shelves – showing high-end products is a cynosure. There is a wooden display panel with black metal framing run parallel to both side of walls, showcasing a various range of handles. 

Side passage towards modular kitchen display

Adjoining to that, columns are articulated with panels, exhibiting various channels through a French and glass door. At the centre of the store, there are several vertical metal shelves installed around wooden post showing auto locks. A rotating display triangle followed by a sitting area in the centre where a partition acts both as a wall and a display panel goes in harmony with the design.

Meeting area/sitting space for customers 

There are high-end kitchen displays in the third section of the showroom. Charcoal grey and white quartz are beautifully combined in the first kitchen display to give it a natural, clean and contemporary look. Whereas the other island kitchen features the conceal chimney with wooden finish and black quartz countertops. The third kitchen display has charcoal grey, tinted glass, black Neolithic and wooden finishes.

Display of economic range modular kitchen opt-2 & premium kitchen opt-1

All the display panels are complemented with neo mint low height cabinet. And the showroom appears bigger than its actual size because of its depth, magnificent design and striking mix of colours. To complement the theme and products, black micro concreting is done on the flooring. Whereas the grey texture of ceiling and wall gives a subtle backdrop to all the elements and products. 

Meeting Area (Left) | Display for premium modular kitchen with L-shape kitchen and centre service platform (Right)

The enticing colour combination and design enhances the overall appearance of the showroom, encouraging people to visit and explore products even if they are not keen to buy.

Project Details:

Area: 975sqft 
Designed & Executed by: Amogh Designs, A’bad. 
Photography by: Inclined Studio, Maulik Patel 
Client: Dhiraj Hardware 
Store location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat 
Date of completion: 15-March-2020 

About Amogh Designs

A journey of more than six years has given Amogh Designs an insight into social and professional dynamics. Working on projects with people, material and nature, the firm has learnt that there is an inbuilt harmony within these three elements. It has been the Amogh team's constant effort to make optimum use of these components and archive growth, excellence and perfection while contributing to the society, conserving nature and respecting tradition. Success to the firm does not only mean volumes of work but also the quality and imprint it leaves behind. For Amogh Designs, the achievement is in appreciation and recognition it gains for the accomplished projects. The firm constantly strives to change with time and incorporate new ideas for enriching its service for the patrons.


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