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An Architect, technologist and entrepreneur, James Law, Founder, Cybertecture, is a person who thinks ahead of his time. In an exclusive interview to Surfaces Reporter (SR) James talks about his views in the world beyond COVID-19.

An Architect, Technologist and entrepreneur, James Law , is a person who thinks ahead of his time. With his philosophy of a better world is designed with technology to alleviate suffering for mankind, founded Cybertecture. He has also been awarded Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum and the Justice of Peace by the Hong Kong SAR Government. In an exclusive interview to SURFACES REPORTER (SR) James talks about his views in the world beyond COVID-19.

SR:  Never before have we needed design interventions for terms like social distancing and physical distances. In what ways, do you think, our offices, homes, public places will change in the future?

JL:  It is true that how society uses space has been disrupted by Covid19. The basic notions of work, live and play, in their associated spaces have become irrelevant in a special distancing scenario. Whilst we do not wish for pandemics to permanently alter our habits, I do however believe that it is inevitable that some degrees of social/spatial relationships will evolve accordingly to be more resilient in case of future disruptions. For example, companies will inhabit both a physical commercial space as the place of business, but will in parallel inhabit cyberspace as a virtual and parallel world for staff to collaborate in times of separation. Both will be equally important as commercial space. 

Where I think there may be the greatest design evolution will be the home, in which the one’s domicile has and will become both a place to live as well as a refuge during future extreme disruptions to daily life. Therefore homes may need to more comfortable, more flexible for work and living, more private and organisable for work, and more healthy in terms of keeping people sane and optimistic when times are tough.


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SR:   What kind of provisions could be adopted in order to design a self-sufficient home?

JL:  Homes need to become more than just a place to live in order to become

Homes may need to have space and equipment for exercise to keep us physically fitter. Homes may need to more adaptable so that a wider range of activities including work and meetings can be carried out. Homes may need to be more health centric in terms of having sunlight, nature and adequate space for people to stay sane in stressful circumstances. And homes need to be safe with adequate resources of food, energy and communications in order them to protect us in crisis.


SR:  What will be the New Architecture of the Future?

JL:  The current Covid19 pandemic has shown how fragile the structures of our life, society and economy are. It’s a humbling experience, and shows how important resilience is in design. I believe that the new Architecture of the Future needs to become an Architecture of Purpose that addresses the environment, affordability, sustainability and balance as opposed predominantly an Architecture of Beauty, Wealth, Iconic, Power and Greed.


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