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Top 10 Architecture Projects from Bamboo

Although bamboo has been used for scaffolding bridges and structures for ages, its popularity in architecture and design has increased significantly in the last few years because of its hardwearing features and sustainable qualities. Moreover, it is a renewable and versatile building material that has a higher compressive strength than wood and concrete. Its tensile strength even matches of steel. To show the uniqueness and versatility of this woody grass, SURFACES REPORTER (SR) has listed 10 of the most beautiful bamboo architecture and design projects. Take a glance:

1. Wind and Water Bar by Vo Trong Nghia

wind and water bar by vo trong nghia

Vietnamese architects Vo Trong Nghia have used lengths of bamboo and bind them together to create this thatched bamboo dome at the center of a lake in Binh Duong Province. There are stepping stones placed across the water and inside the Wind and Water Bar  (WWB).

Wind and Water Bar by Vo Trong Nghia

The dome is used as a venue for local meetings, music performances, and other events.  There is a circular opening at its center which allows hot air to pass.

2. Nocenco Café by Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Nocenco Café by Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Vo Trong Nghia Architects got the task to transform the top floor and rooftop of a mid-rise building in the centre of Vinh, Vietnam without disrupting the existing façade. So, architects used bamboo to create a spiral-like structure that flows from the top to the bottom and hides concrete pillars at this Nocenco Café. Its location allows a beautiful view out towards the mountains and the city. There is a circular dining area that is uninterrupted by supporting columns.

3. Guadua Bamboo by Architecture Studio Fittipaldi

Guadua Bamboo by Architecture Studio Fittipaldi

This stunning Bamboo installation was designed by Architecture Studio Fittipaldi for the Casa Cor event in Brasilia. The firm used Bamboo materials predominantly in the structure’s framework. Conventional steel profiles and tubes have also been used in the creation of the structure. The result was a stupefying formation where the bamboo poles giving the impression to be in continuous motion while the installation appears to be floating and spinning in the air. Guadua Bamboo beautifully depicts the convergence between technology and sustainability.

4. Bamboo Pavilion by Architect Rocco Yim

Bamboo Pavilion by Architect Rocco Yim

Located at the Berlin's House of World Cultures, this outstandingly beautiful Bamboo Pavilion was the creation of architect Rocco Yim. He designed this 2010 pavilion as a part of Festival of Vision: Hong Kong–Berlin. This was a series of events that presented the information flow between the two cities. The scaffolders- who usually use bamboo for projects in Hong Kong-  made the structure.

5. Bamboo Pavilion in Taichung, Taiwan by Zuo-Studio

Bamboo Pavilion in Taichung, Taiwan by Zuo-Studio

Zuo-Studio used 30,000 bamboo sheets to construct this majestic Bamboo Pavilion over a water body in Taichung, Taiwan. Representing a thoughtful balance between rawness and elegance, this structure was created as a part of the Taichung World Flora Exposition. This mesmerizing construction sums up Taiwan’s essence through its sustainable architecture.

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6. Luum Temple by CO-LAB Design Office

Luum Temple by CO-LAB Design Office

Nestled in a conserved area of native forest of Tulum, Mexico, Luum Temple is an open five-sided bamboo pavilion for practicing yoga, meditations, workshops, and community gatherings. The local studio CO-Lab Design Office created this structure by using parametric software. They assembled the bamboo arched beams from flat sections of bamboo bent on-site then cold molded on the ground. Further, they screwed and strapped them together so that they work together as one element.

7. Kontum Indochine Cafe by Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Kontum Indochine Cafe by Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Located on a corner plot in Kontum City, Kontum Indochine Cafe by Vo Trong Nghia Architects is designed as a part of a hotel complex. It is composed of majorly two elements- first is the main building with a big horizontal bamboo roof structure, and the second is an annexed kitchen made of concrete frames and stones. The roof is covered by fiber-reinforced plastic panels and thatch. This refectory serves as a tea, breakfast, and dinner venue for hotel guests. There is also a semi-outdoor banquet for wedding ceremonies. All the elevations in Kontum Indochine Café are open to the air.

8. Panyaden International School by 24H Architecture

Panyaden International School by 24H Architecture

Located in Northern Thailand and spreads over an area of 5,000 square-meter, Panyaden International School is an eco-friendly school designed by 24H Architecture. The firm has used local earth and local bamboo for the construction that is an ode to nature’s beauty.

Panyaden International School by 24H Architecture

The curved shape of the bamboo roof structure reflects the mountains at the horizon of the site.  Architectural studio used Local hardwood to create the frame of glass windows while recycled glass bottles and washing machine windows used to bring sunlight into the classrooms.

9. SHARMA SPRINGS in Green Village, Bali by IBUKU

Sharma springs by IBUKU

Currently, the tallest Bamboo structure in Bali, SHARMA SPRINGS villa is not only an architectural wonder but also a work of art. Built and furnished with sustainable bamboo, the main building of the villa has six levels- a spacious living room, 4 bedrooms, and a 15-meter long tunnel entrance. It also included bamboo furniture in varied shapes and patterns.

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SHARMA SPRINGS in Green Village, Bali by IBUKU

The stunning tabular bamboo entrance allows you to reach the main house from the 4th floor.

Bamboo “Bird Nest” by VTN Architects

Bamboo “Bird Nest” by VTN Architects

Vietnam-based Vo Trong Nghia Architects (VTN Architects) introduced this Bamboo art installation- “Bird Nest” to the UNIQLO’s flagship store in the central part of Ho Chi Minh City. Stretched from the ground floor to the 2nd floor, this structure demonstrates a whimsical atmosphere that amiably welcomes customers into the shop.  The intricate structure was created by weaving bamboo strips one by one to steel frames from the help of local bamboo craftsmen for 10 days of regular hard work. Under this structure, there is a resting area with bamboo benches for visitors.

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