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6 Interesting Declutter Tips for Small Spaces

One of the harsh realities of life that we need to deal with is cleaning up! Clutter can create nuisance around the house especially if you live in a small space. Tripping over toys or not finding the right keys at the correct time can become a nightmare too.Decluttering becomes a responsibility that may seem tedious at times, yet it is vital for happy living.SURFACES REPORTER (SR) provides here some interesting declutter tips that can help you increase your living space without hassle.

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1. Item Needs to be Grouped in Containers

The easiest way to declutter and save yourself lots of time is to organise and group using containers. If all your possessions are kept in a similar group, you will not only remember where you had saved them but they will also occupy lesser space. Hence invest in purchasing containers based on the requirement of the products. Portable storage containers are perfect for adding extra space. It will allow you to move around the excess furniture and decor. This can be especially helpful when you need to redecorate your house.

Wooden Containers DesignsImage courtesy: Pinterest

2. Make Maximum Use of Space

The organisation is back-breaking if space is not utilised to its fullest. For floor space utilisation you can use the space below your furniture. Bed drawers are the easiest way to make use of floor space. To maintain the aesthetic appeal, you can use woven or wooden containers instead of plastic ones! Or additionally, you can opt for box beds.

Exposed leg furnitureExposed leg furniture | Image Courtesy: Pinterest

You can also clear more floor space by opting for exposed leg furniture. Investing in chairs, couches, frames etc with exposed leg will help your room look more spacious.

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3. Take the Minimalistic Approach

If you own tiny space, you would not want to overwhelm it with big furniture. Oversized pieces will occupy huge chunks of space and will further make your home look smaller. Smaller furniture like nesting tables wall desks, compact chairs, drop-leaf kitchen tables and storage ottomans will declutter your house without fretting much.

drop-leaf kitchen tableDrop-leaf kitchen table | Image Courtesy: Pinterest

4. Install a Hideaway Desk

If space is limited and you want your room to stay decluttered, you can opt for furniture to tuck away items. These could include Murphy beds, hideaway desk and other furniture that can be put away after use. These furniture pieces will transform hassle-free and disappear seamlessly into decor. They can also offer you extra night-time storage without any extra attachment.

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5. Opt for a Closet Nursery

Infants need a separate space for their nursery. In a small home, a designated room may not be possible, hence you can switch to a closet nursery for a happy living. Other such ideas for small nurseries include using a miniature crib and using a changing pad on top of a dresser instead of a changing table.

Wooden Containers Designs

6. Make the Most of Corners

Another trick to a happy living space with less homework involved is to utilise the corners of the rooms. Try placing tables, desks, and other furniture in the corners rather than the centre of the rooms. Corner shelving will help you show off your home decor as well as free up space! Shopping for corner booths will draw away the attention from the space itself and give the room a little extra space.

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Smaller places can be both, a bane or a boom but this is entirely based on how you utilise them.

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Smaller places, if utilised correctly, can be a blessing in disguise as they help you save money and have lesser area for cleaning too which means more time for other things in life! it’s time to make use of these tips for a happy living!

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