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Geetha VG

As an architect, when the lockdown was announced, Geetha VG was plagued with restlessness of the life of survival that people were going through. As an architect, being forced indoors, unable to step out whether for a breath of fresh air or for work, a walk in the park became a distant dream. Like most others, she spiraled too, giving into the stress of financial hurdles with a curb on her freedom. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) in association with WADE ASIA invited women in Design to share their inspiring stories from 2020. Today, we are presenting here the encouraging narrative of Geetha VG who poetically and practically promoted eco-smart and environmentally sustainable choices without giving up on quality:

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One such day as she gave into an argument with herself as she contemplated how much the humankind has gotten accustomed to their greed being catered to. Letting her inner creativity loose, she wrote to pour out her emotions.

Locked inside
chocked with emotions
Now realizing what freedom really meant

The sun, the air, the clean and clear water
set in a Landscape of green
like in a dream. . .

Overcome with a strong sense of responsibility as a conservationist and as an architect, she realized that there was a strong need for intervention to promote eco-smart and environmentally sustainable choices. And hence, the idea took seed.

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As her craving to be in touch with nature grew, she began brainstorming ideas that would promote a more sustainable way of life, letting it reflect in her trade- architecture and designing. The central idea was to aim at sustainability without giving up on quality.

Setting the Bar

The aim was set at customization without compromising versatility in various phases of the project from the very design to the execution of the plans. Based on what the clients would have in mind, a relevant design would be put forth, attempting to strike the perfect balance between conservative and elegant. Were they feeling limited- absolutely not!

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Having taken it up as a challenge to move towards a more ecologically intelligent approach towards designing spaces, finding answers were bringing them more joy than resorting to the old and waiting to be discarded.

Choosing to make the conscious choices while being mindful of organic growth was key. She and her team aim to create bio-centric and holistic spaces, attempting to strike an equilibrium between optimizing the design development with the creation of energy efficient environments. The only compromise that was made was on unnecessary energy wasteful pieces.

Phase- 2 Convincing the Clientele

Overwhelmed with feeling accountable, it began with explaining to the clients- the need for such an intervention. Almost like doctors would school their patients to opt for healthier lifestyles, they upheld on their promise of offering their clients, healthier work or living spaces promoting a green system without giving up on quality.

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As an architect, being able to effectively use space while keeping in mind the aspirations of the client always took priority. To achieve this, they offer their clients with an initial idea that would fit into their needs while reflecting individuality as well as being respectful of the significance that each project would hold to their customers.

This was replicated to create the end product in while utilizing the materials as well as the construction technology that would be modern as well as resourcefully chic.

Coming through with Smart Choices

Eventually successfully delivering on their promises, whether it was an apartment complex or a commercial building, versatility met its constant match of sustainably created spaces. Project sustainability was ensured both in terms of conceptualization as well as the designing involved with each of the projects while eliminating the irrelevant, ensuring that their materials would stand the test against time. 

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Whether it was using trees as dust screens or projected roofs and walls, creating air passages to promote the cooling of interiors or simply designing the landscape, the external climate and the microclimate of the space was always kept in mind while enriching the aesthetic space.

After an endless amount of research and challenges, it is not yet over for Geetha and her team. She and her firm- Flora- Arcade Consultancy take on new challenges investing the same, if not more, amount of research to deliver on fine-tuned urban environ projects that they take on while drawing essence from originality. As Geetha penned down

“Upholding yet again
to live and let live,

the only way
to go from here and beyond
as that's the only option,

having little
or nothing at all to bargain.”

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