Simple Tips to Decorate Your Space With Accessories

Simple Tips to Decorate Your Space With Accessories

Decorative accessories is the soul of any décor, It instantly adds charming personality, charm and gives distinct individuality to a room. It is the most inexpensive way to freshen or add a new look to a room. These act as finishing touches by filling color, shape, and texture to obtain the desired look of your space. But these can also easily break or make the room. Therefore, it should follow the theme of the space. If not selected properly it can give the feeling of disconnect in the design. The architect and interior designer, Ms. Rimpy Pillania is sharing with SURFACES REPORTER (SR) the simple and essential tips to enhance the appearance of your space with decorative accessories. Have a look:Also Read: Interior Design Trends 2021 To Look Out For | Surfaces Reporter

How to Group Accessories

Groups of accessories look more attractive if the shapes and the heights are varied. Too many items of one shape and size may seem boring. However, if accessories are grouped, each must possess something in common with the next.

How to Carefully Select And Categorize Decorative Accessories:

Layering the accessories in different shapes sizes and textures produces variation for eyes to move from one place to another. Grouping items in different heights and different textures result in layering. To achieve layering, these accessories can be broadly divided into three key categories, horizontals, verticals, and organic.

Horizontal accessories are typically flat surfaces for example, books and glossy magazines, decorative trays, plates and ash trays.

horizontal accessories
Vertical accessories helps move eye upward and these can be a table or floor lamps, sculptures, candles, picture frames, etc.

vertical accessories
Organic accessories typically include flowering plants and indoor trees. Plants should be selected as accessories based upon their variety, shape, and interest. They should be placed in attractive containers that complement the color scheme of the room.

organic accessories

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The Visual Triangle Rule

The most challenging task is to arrange or group accessories. The most effective way is to arrange items to construct the visual triangle. According to this rule, the items of various shape, size, and texture can be combined and then staggered by height creates a symmetrical or asymmetrical triangle.

visual triangle rule

Alternatively, start your grouping with the tallest item in the middle, then stagger your items by height from there, again trying to create a Visual Triangle. Placing bigger objects toward the back and smaller ones in front also help include visual interest to your triangle. The key here is to avoid placing two objects of the same height beside each other, as mentioned previously.

Grouping Items In Odd Numbers

Although there is no specific rule to arrange accessories but items arranged in odd numbers are more visually appealing and effective than groupings in even number. Even numbers create symmetry, but odd numbers generate interest. Three is considered to represent a magical number in the interior. Any odd number works best when there’s some variation in considerable height, shape, or size. You can consider trying yourself and see the difference.

Three is considered to represent a magical number in the interior. Any odd number works best when there’s some variation in considerable height, shape, or size. You can consider trying yourself and see the difference.

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These simple tips can make accessorizing easy but interesting and creative also. Genuinely consider these and let us know your constructive comments.
Rimpy Pillania, Architect and Designer

Rimpy Pillania, Architect and Designer

*This is an authored piece by Rimpy Pillania, Architect and Designer

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