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Natural Sciences and Design

Natural Sciences and Design Combine to Form Mycelium Chair | MYCOsella - Growing the Mycelium Chair

A research-driven dissertation project by Natalia Piorecka takes a closer look at mycelium as a living organism that is able to digest agricultur...

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Baldiwala Edge Induces Flat Colours

Baldiwala Edge Induces Flat Colours, Geometric Shapes and Stylised Graphic Patterns into this 2BHK Space | Quirk Box

When the client’s brief was as simple as to turn his 2BHK space into a home with eclectic aesthetics with corners bursting with colours while max...

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Natural Sea Remnants Adorn

Natural Sea Remnants Adorn Acqua Alta Furniture Collection by Designer Federico Rosa | SR Decor

“We are used to the water, but are not ready for it,” states product designer and photographer Federico Rosa. Reflecting the side effects of high...

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A Lamp and Seed Germinator by Benditas Studio

A Lamp and Seed Germinator by Benditas Studio | Brot

Benditas Studio has incredibly merged two products that usually have separate utility, adding new value to both. Brot has a double function: it’s...

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Computational Log Chair

Robotic Manufacturing Mutates Leftover Wood into Elegant Chairs | Computational Log Chair

A case study of experimenting around leftover materials from the wood industry through an interconnection of 3D scanning, computational design an...

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