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Cosmic Concrete made from Martian Soil is twice as strong as Regular Concrete | StarCrete

Made from extra-terrestrial dust, potato starch and a pinch of salt, StarCrete is reportedly said to be used to build homes on Mars.

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Asia’s Largest Wooden Building Showcases Sustainable Design and Net-Zero Energy | Gaia

This remarkable building stands out for its extensive use of mass timber, making it one of the largest wooden structures in Asia based on timber ...

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A Century-Old Korean Rustic Charm Elevates this Modern-Day Coffee House

Located in Daegu, South Korea, the gorgeous store has been resurrected out of a 1919 traditional Korean-style house known as hanok.

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TOVA Sustainably Unifies Vernacular Earthen Architecture with 3D Printing | IAAC-3dPA

A group of students and researchers from the 3D Printing Architecture (3dPA) postgraduate programme of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of...

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NASA Design Humanity

First-Ever 3D Printed Home for Mars. Take a look...

Developer of advanced construction technologies including robotics, software and building materials ICON along with BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group and N...

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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Hemp-Based Rebar as Strong as Steel can Offer Greener and Long-Lasting Structures | Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

A rebar as strong as steel for construction made from hemp stalk and bioplastic would soon be a possibility as a team of researchers at Rensselae...

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SR Interview: Going Sustainable is Expensive. It is a Myth says Ar Snehal Shah, Principal Architect, EssTeam, Surat

Climatically responsive, ambient, resilient and efficient – these are the four words that define the hardcore sustainable practice followed and p...

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