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Cover Story: High-End Residential Projects- New Market & Needs AFTER COVID

Ar Bobby Mukherji, Pallavi Dean, Ar Hiren Patel, Nisha Jamvwal on High-End Residential Projects- Surfaces Reporter Cover Story

Architects Bobby Mukherji, Hiren Patel, Interior Designers Pallavi Dean, Nisha Jamvwal discuss about luxury homes, how residential properties wil...

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COVER STORY: WORKING FROM HOME: Ar Hiren Patel,Founder, HPA, Ahmedabad

Read viewpoint of Architect Hiren Patel on Working from Home.

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A Fusion of European and Eastern Culture

A Fusion of European and Eastern Culture by Hiren Patel

Being a globe-trotter and having a business in Europe, the client wanted a villa which would be a fusion of the European and Eastern cultures.

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