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Student Creates Pavement Made of Recycled Tyres that Self-Heals When it Rains | Rubber Pavement

Mexican student Israel Antonio Briseno Carmona has come up with a brilliant idea to repair roads with rains, ironically the thing that damages ro...

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drawbacks of solar panels

Student Creates Solar Panels from Crop Waste to Generate Energy without Sunlight | AuReus

One of the major drawbacks of solar panels is its ineffectiveness on a cloudy day. However, electrical engineering student Carvey Ehren Maigue ha...

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Homeware Products

Earth Tatva Artistically Transforms Post-Industrial Waste into Homeware Products | SR Decor

Fascinated with the idea of turning waste into a valuable resource, National Institute of Design (NID) student Shashank Nimkar established Earth ...

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