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Hogar Controls Introduces Smart

Hogar Controls Introduces Smart, Multi-functional Control Panels | Prima+ Series

Leading IoT firm Hogar Controls Inc, that picked Hyderabad for setting up its R&D and assembling unit in 2019, recently announced the launch of i...

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Top 7 Home Automation Solutions For a Smarter and Energy Efficient Home

Top 7 Home Automation Trends

Start saving—one smart technology at a time! Find out the top Home Automation Solutions here,

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3D Printing and Material Science Cuts Construction Time in Half | Mighty Buildings

Mighty Buildings produces only 1 per cent of the waste that is generated by traditional methods, thereby having a near-zero waste production.

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Schneider Electric Launches Easy Homes, Easy-to-Install Smart Home Solution in India

Easy Homes converts houses into smart home without disruption of existing wiring

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