HOW A TILE BRAND IS TRANSFORMING DIGITALLY | Orient Bell Tiles | Surfaces Reporter | Brand Buzz

Here is the story of a special DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION done by a Building Material company that comes under consumer discretionary products in the Home & Construction industry. The special guest of SURFACES REPORTER's BRAND BUZZ is Aditya Gupta, CEO of Orient Bell Limited for a special interaction with Vertica Dvivedi, the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) is equally transforming digitally at great speed. SR's followings have grown almost 50% in the social channels since lockdown and the website visitors have doubled.

Orient Bell Limited (OBL) has been consistently investing in getting prepared for the future. Even before COVID crept in, Orient Bell team was invested in Digital Upgragation – making them stand out digitally when compared to contemporaries who jumped the bandwagon during the times of COVID.

If there was one area where innovation and up-gradation have not seen the light of the day in the Tiles segment, it is the way the product is sold, marketed, and the long process of the purchase decision. We are told that the initiatives by Orient Bell are disrupting these significant areas with digital solutions.

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