Modular Room Partition Entirely Made From Textile and Birch Wood

Modular Room Partition

Copenhagen-based designer- Else-Rikke Bruun- has come up with innovative and flexible room partitions- Veneer- that entwine Mexico's classic weaving techniques with the modern and advanced building method of CNC milling. Her screen wall is the fusion of birch wood and textile, ‘where the wood veneer is transformed into enlarged fibers in a textile weave'. Scroll down this post of SURFACES REPORTER (SR) to read how the designer transformed the raw birchwood into a marble-finished flexible yet sturdy modular Room Divider.


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Textile and Birch Wood

The Process

The screen wall with interwoven birch plywood planks expands to a cross-linked wave-like pattern.

Textile and Birch WoodFirst of all, the birch plywood is milled from CNC milling machines to enhance their flexibility. CNC milling essentially optimizes a computer-automated device to control the cutting and spinning of construction material so that the resulting product has precision in each of its design.

Textile and Birch Wood

After milling, the birch planks are weaved in between vertical birch beams, similar to that of age-old Mexican weaving methods, to create the division with its wave-like pattern.

Textile and Birch WoodVeneer does not require any extra tools or screws because of its design formed by using traditional Mexican weaving method.

Textile and Birch WoodEach plank of birch wood is coated in black oil for a marble-like finish before putting Veneer together. The black oil highlights the grain of the wood and gives it a naturally warm and smooth finish.

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Textile and Birch Wood

A Modular Structure

Veneer has a modular structure. Although the screen walls look small in width, they can be used as modules to join together with other woven screen walls to increase its width and span a room's length.

Textile and Birch WoodThe woven formation also provides an acoustic effect to the screen wall, giving a delightful and robust appeal to the room where it is placed.

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Textile and Birch Wood

Textile and Birch Wood

Textile and Birch Wood

Textile and Birch Wood

Textile and Birch Wood

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